kristoff has taken over my life



//where’s the read more when you need it



IDK it has totally taken over my life now.

What was it again…

Well anyway! Continuously posting CIA!AU stuff so everyone can have some ideas on this AU, and maybe help you guys in writing for this open prompt.

So yeah let’s just play around with this AU

Cast from left to right:

Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Marshmallow

PERSONALITIES/BASIC CHARACTER INFO (Expand the characteristics if you want, I have no idea how more this would go lol):

Olaf - goofy resident scientist that can totally hit and miss with experiments. Scary to be with since he can plague everyone with a chemical disaster but can resolve it within the same day. (wut) Patient and kind. Addicted to coffee. He’s somehow old here. About 30-40+ years old.

Sven - much like Canon!Sven. Except that he’s a German Shepherd who likes to be around Anna.

Kristoff - Anna’s best buddy. Constantly has a verbally abusive argument with Anna, but he’s just playing around with her. Owner of Sven. Wears a whistle to call for Sven.

Elsa - computer genius/systems analyst/detective of the team. Overly logical, prim and proper but truly shy and easily embarrassed. Almost submissive to Anna’s seducing abilities but she’s too shy for romance. And confused with work and romance. Addicted to coffee and chocolate.

Anna - reputable spy hired by the CIA. Impulsive, quirky, random, loud, a seductress, has a lot of vices including smoking, gambling and swearing. Doesn’t think much of consequences but lucky enough to have the upper hand every damn time. Attracted to Elsa. Loves chocolate.

Hans - one of their higher commanders. Pretty close to everyone. Still a douchebag in a way that he answers sarcastically and vaguely when it comes to dangerous situations (like defusing a bomb).

Marshmallow - “adopted” son of Olaf. Found orphaned during one of those military’s rescue missions. He grew by Olaf’s side and treated him as his fatherly figure and is very obedient to the scientist. Got a big body and a big heart. Good friends with everyone.


I wasn’t prepared to write any of this. I don’t know anymore aljadsfkljadsf

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This is the look Kristoff gives you after you’ve seen the fireworks show from the center of the front row for 4 days straight. 😒😂😍🙊

Just you and me
And I could be
Part of your world

I felt sort of obliged to post something of the au that has taken over my life. So here it is, a Little Mermaid au. Sorry for the terrible background but I simply cannot care less because I suck at them. I am getting better at male anatomy though.