Frozen Holiday special (2017) and Broadway show (2018) announced, analysis

Hello!. Today has been a great day for the Frozen fandom, around 7 hours ago we got not one but two important news about the franchise that are pretty exciting. These will certainly keep the franchise relevant until the arrival of Frozen 2.

The first of the news is the confirmation and date of the premier of the Frozen Broadway show, that is spring of 2018 ( Seems it’s gonna be fantastic as we now there will be new songs and Lee will write the script.

We have to remember that the show can’t change the canon and it is not canon itself if it has extra stuff, that being said since it’s written by Lee and the Lopez then it most definitely can offer valid insight on characters and situations.

The second one however is the one that interests me the most. The announcement of a Frozen Holiday special on 2017 (

This is particularly interesting and exciting because this mean we are getting even more canonical Frozen content than we thought!. Now as nice as fluffy books and comics are , they can’t compare to a WDAS production like this upcoming special. Not only because books and comics are written by Disney Publishing Worldwide, a different Disney company and thus are not canon (this goes for all WDAS IPs), but also because they contradict each other and the canon pretty weirdly and their tone tends to vary and it’s usually much different than the movie and Fever. Even counting them as alternative stories, I think a WDAS would be much better anyway.

It’s important to notice this special won’t be directed by Lee and Buck, but rather by Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton who are awesome directors themselves who know their Holiday Specials. I wouldn’t be worried about it, knowing WDAS they will most certainly at least talk to Jen and Chris to get some input, so I expect they will do our favorite characters justice. This however tells us two things, one is that Jen and Chris are totally focused in Frozen 2 which is great , and two, that the special won’t have any groundbreaking stuff that would disturb the canon, we mostly we’ll see the feelings of our favorite characters on such time, their holiday wishes and more of Arendelle’s culture at such time of the year.

So what can we expect?. Don’t expect big or sensible stuff like shippings happening magically, new protagonists or Hans or Weselton storylines. Although we might get a new reindeer perhaps a girlfriend for Sven that could be cool. However do expect new outfits, christmass themed, a new song or two, and learning new stuff  about the Frozen characters in general, so, something like Fever. Of course more visuals which is awesome!, new poses, expressions, maybe new hair styles and backgrounds that’s just great for the fandom.

The fact that it’s a holiday special also tells us two things. One is that we will finally see Arendelle on a natural winter after two installments on summer. And two, is that it’s close to Elsa’s birthday, December 22. Perhaps we could see Elsa’s birthday then? or her feelings about having her birthday so close to the holidays (a lot of people dislike that). We could also find out about Kristoff’s birthday who most likely was born on autumn or winter.

Of course the fandom is already starting to speculate what will happen and whatnot, that’s great. As a Holiday thing we will get feels and joy, maybe some flashbacks. More on culture, more on gifts and how Elsa and the rest plan parties and help and maybe how they even help the community, this does have a lot of potential more than it seems at first.

Now , about production. I would expect it to have great animation since it will be produced by WDAS. These specials can range from 7 to 20+ mins, hopefully we get one on the long end of the spectrum. It was announced that they are already working on it though or will start now, so it’s a long time for making it and thus I imagine it will be long. I also expect to have Kristoff singing more then. And of course we will get more merch with the new dresses and gifts.

All in all this is great news we will enjoy more frozen although it’s far away in the future… well, it’s MOAR FROZEN, so rejoice!.


I’ll translate this so you can rEAD IT AND FANGIRL

“LAST NEWS! Finally Disney confirmed that the Frozen show in Broadway will open in spring 2018! But that’s not all, Frozen 2 will premiere soon after then”

That’s the important, the rest is about the holidays special and blah blah. 


Theatre Buddies - Chapter Thirteen - Awkwardness

(Written 08.02.2016)
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Pairing: Kristanna
Rating: 13+
A/N: Sort of based on stuff that has happened to me IRL but I’ve taken some artistic liberties with both the content and the characters. It was rather therapeutic to write it as if a fictional character were going through it rather than myself. Won’t contain smut but will contain innuendo, violence and traumatising events.
Summary: Anna is already dating Hans when she meets Kristoff in an amateur theatre group, but they quickly become best friends and she realises she can count on him for anything. What she doesn’t realise until it’s seemingly too late is what’s really going on between them.
Chapter word count: 1136
Notes for this chapter: My mind worries me a little with all these bizarre scenarios I keep imagining… Oooooooh I can’t wait for you guys to read the next chapter! Hehehe!

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  • Kristoff:Speak to Elsa, Anna.
  • Anna:I do speak to her; she just doesn't listen.
  • Kristoff:Pretend I'm Elsa. Speak to me. What would you say?
  • Anna:I can't do this!
  • Kristoff:Sure you can!
  • Anna:*gives him a skeptical look*
  • Kristoff:There, there! That's my princess! Alright, here we go. *in a high-pitched voice* I don't wanna leave the mountains, I wanna stay lonely and let my hair flow in the wind as I run around my ice castle, firing icicles into the sunset!