Frozen What If Week, Day 6

Prompt - Ending (What if Elsa found out about Hans leaving Anna for dead before he fell off the ship?)

Okay I know this is hella late but I wanted to have something submitted for What If week. So here is chapter 1 of my canon fic Frozen Onward, this was the only thing I have written that qualifies XD Elsa might be little OOC but I just had an urge to write her as the overprotective older sister, who will snap if pushed too far. 

“Hands down, this is the best day of my life. And quite possibly the last,” announced an ever joyful snowman as he slowly melted before the eyes of the two women, man, and reindeer in front of him.

They all looked on in surprise as water slowly spread across the deck of the massive ship where they all stood after the fjord was thawed mere seconds ago.

“Oh Olaf!” giggled the older of the two women, snapping out of her trance. “Hang on little guy.”

With a small wave of her pale hand the sentient snowman gently rose back to his original frozen state, a small cloud forming over his head. With an excited gasp Olaf began jumping for from one stubby foot to another, clapping his little twig hands furiously.

“My own personal flurry! Thanks Elsa,” Olaf laughed, looking up at his creator fondly, a look which she returned before turning back to the younger woman standing beside her.

The girl grasped Elsa’s arm tightly, for fear that if she loosened her grip, even for a second, the older woman would somehow slip away again. Elsa however, had no intention of leaving. Instead she gazed lovingly at the girl, trying to memorize every freckle on her face, every eyelash, and every strawberry-blonde hair on her head.


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