This is Dream, King of Dreams, of the Nightmare Realms.
Just so you guys know, in case you didn’t, this is Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, the comics, ya know.
I really love the comics, man. Just, seriously. 
And I was inspired to draw Dream the way they portray him. He wasn’t wearing a Joy Division shirt, but another minor character was, and it fits, so… yep.
So yeah, I did a ton of shading and everything. But I don’t think you can see it. I need to get a better scan of it, for the detail and all.
But….I’ll do that LATERRR.
I am really proud of the result, to be honest.
I wish I drew him full-bodied though. I drew him too big so I couldn’t fit the rest of him. PFT.
I’ll probably draw him with his sister next. His sister is Death, and she is so cool. I’m totally drawing her next.

The Last of Us
okok, I already finished the game and everything and it’s amazing. Finishing it sort of killed me. I mean, it was a genuinely brilliant game. The artwork is phenominal; (I pre-ordered the Sound & Survival Edition + Season Pass for PS3 which included Ellie and Joel avatars, The Last of Us comic, The HUGE Last of Us artbook which is by all means more beautiful than anything ever, and NaughtyDog stickers and the case is steel; ya know, one of the cool packages. I only regret not getting the better one) developing design for the characters looks rad, and the artwork pieces for the different settings they were going to be thrown in, and the design for the infected, IT’S JUST ALL SO PERF. I just really liked the idea of the infection being a fungus. It’s just really cool! If you guys didn’t know, there’s this actual fungus that takes over the minds of ants to protect it, and it’s just really cool, ya know. There’s your fun fact. I hope to be that good at what I do some day. I am not even joking. I want to be that detailed and stuff. But that’s not going to be for another forever. Anyways, point is, I want to try drawing Joel & Ellie doing father-daughter stuff ‘cause in the end, the story kind of revolves around a bond that ends up becoming unbelievably strong to the point that a selfish act is made that may have been mankind’s only hope.  I think that bond is significant and I really want to work on portraying their bond and bring it some absolute justice through my work but I’m probably going to take my time with it and work on doing some good coloring and what not. I want this piece to look so good, man. It will be good. So if you have some good pointers or advice you could give me (considering you know my artwork really well) that’d be awesome. I’m going to do a traditional piece and a digital piece. I’m going to do the traditional piece first 'cause that’s where my skills are at, yo. The digital piece won’t be for a bit.

This is Jara & Esthers, who belong to strxbe and bierderlack

Alright, so yeah. I love punk music. It’s amazing, so naturally, I chose these two to draw.

I just drew them holding hands and singing a song they (could/would?) know by heart.

It’s lyrics from one of my favorite songs ever by both my favorite bands Eastern Youth & Cursive.

The song is called: Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom of April Connolly, Feb. 24, 1997

You can listen to the song here–>

Also, Jara is wearing a Descendents sweater hoodie. The patch on his pants is ALL, which is a band that was formed by Descendents members Bill, Karl, and Stephen.

On Esthers sweater hoodie is Eastern Youth which is a badass Japanese band. And on her patch is Joy Division.

Also, the title this drawing is a song reference of a band called Big D & The Kids Table, who of which is a ska band.

It was so much fun drawing them. I just love this pair; they’re so adorbs. I’m probably going to draw them again. Just sayin’. 

Bands Mentioned:

-Joy Division—–>




-Eastern Youth——>

-Big D & The Kids Table——>

*Each band has a link to a song so you can check'em out if you guys want.


If you guys want to know more music, I know a wide variety, so if you’re looking for new music to add to your library that you think I can help with, just ask.