I grew up with a dog, many cats, many many horses and an ornery rooster. When I went to college I found a cat, then another cat…then a dog…and I couldn’t just leave them in the street. I had to make sure they were taken care of, which is just my nature. I am in awe of all that nature has created and want to be surrounded by it. The miracle of nature is what balances my life. I can’t imagine one day without my friends of other species.


“There’s a misconception that a rescue is gonna be damaged in some way. And it’s not true. This is a dog who was running around the streets of LA, he was underweight, two years old and he’s perfect. He is the most perceptive, sweet, zen… oh and then a squirrel shows up. I’ve been living with this guy for five years. He and I have a connection and I just could not face the possiblity of not, you know, living with him and having him be my friend. And I think, wow, the shelters are full of guys like this.”