Happy Birthday Kristin Scott Thomas! ||  May 24, 1960

[on ageism in Hollywood]: I am just so angry about it and bored with it too. I am so pleased to be working here in France where women of my age are still regarded as having something to say and filmmakers find us emotionally intriguing. Just because you have a few wrinkles does not mean you do not have anything meaningful to contribute. As you get older, it all becomes richer and the implications of everything you do become so much more complicated - and therefore more interesting. Your life as a woman does not end because you are 35 or 45.


Scott Thomas is mesmerisingly beautiful, but she refers to herself as an “ageing actress” and keeps saying, “I’m terribly old” or, “I’m positively ancient.” In fact, being ancient might make things slightly easier, for she adds, “I’m sort of, as the French would say, ‘stuck between two chairs’, because I’m no longer 40 and sort of a seductress, and I’m not yet a granny.” [x]