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Transgender former SEAL Kristin Beck tells Anderson Cooper that after defending her country, she wants some happiness.

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Transgender former Navy SEAL says TSA humiliated her
Retired Navy SEAL Kristin Beck, a transgender woman, says TSA agents humiliated her at the airport by calling her a man.
By Emanuella Grinberg and Dani Stewart, CNN

When flagged for secondary screening, she took it in stride. She said she waited for one of two Transportation Security Administration agents – a man and a woman – to step forward and pat her down. Instead, they turned their backs to her and started whispering.

But to Beck, it was clear what was happening. Despite her makeup, long hair and low-cut blouse, the agents thought she was a man. It wouldn’t be the first time since she began publicly living as a woman.

But it still was humiliating, Beck said. It never gets easier.

“I’m a female,” she said she told them. “It’s no big deal.”

Apparently, it was enough to prompt the the agents to call their supervisor, she said. When he arrived, the supervisor directed the male agent to pat “him” down in front of the security line, as everyone waited.

“These are my real boobs, he’s not going to pat me down,” she recalls telling agents.

“This is wrong. I’m a female, it says female on my Maryland driver’s license. This is the real me.”

According to Beck, the supervisor responded, “Then somebody pat him down.” Ultimately, female agent did the pat-down, Beck says. After that, Beck went on her way, holding back tears. She pulled out her phone and recounted the experience in a Facebook post.

Man who named himself Kristin upset that a group of TSA agents can see the reality right in front of their faces and didn’t have time to humor a single passenger while trying to do their stressful jobs of moving hundreds of people to their destinations. He then made a scene until a female officer was coerced into touching him.

I think this epitomizes the delusion of the transgender movement. I mean he had on make up and a low-cut blouse and has long hair! That equals woman! And look! His driver’s licence says “F”! The government says he is so he must morph into a female to their eyes!

This is what I mean when I say it isn’t very hard to tell what sex someone is and most people are just being polite, knowing what a man in make up, a dress and long hair typically wants them to do (and some likely fearing retaliation if they don’t comply.) TSA agents don’t have time to be polite and humor your idiosyncrasies. 

So were all these TSA agents “terfs”? Were they just confused and thought they saw a man because they read something by Germaine Greer that morning? Or could they just see what was right in front of them? 

And I already know someone out there is gonna say “but puberty blockers! This is why we get the children early now!” 

Yes this is why the transgender movement encourages parents to chemically castrate their young boys to keep their bodies in a permanently pre-pubescent state so they can remain sexually appealing. So grown men can vicariously have that fantasy, and lament if only someone caught them early enough they too could be a delicate young castrati.
Meet The Trans Scholar Fighting Against The Campaign For Out Trans Military Service
“Trans people, trans organizations, the trans movement did not choose this battle,” Dean Spade says. The law professor says rich donors chose the issue, and maintains the focus will hurt other trans rights issues.
By Chris Geidner

In recent months, one of the key issues relating to transgender rights that has come up in public debate is that of out transgender military service. A leading trans legal scholar, however, tells BuzzFeed the focus is “likely to harm” other progress sought by the transgender community and is coming at “the whims of a few wealthy donors.”

From the decision by former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck, to come out as trans to theannouncement by Chelsea Manning that she also is trans, trans military issues havereceived more attention than ever before. Also affecting the dynamic is the decision by Jennifer Natalya Pritzker, a former colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard who has since come out as trans, to back a $1.35 million donation to the Palm Center to study transgender military service.

For Dean Spade, who is trans and a leading left legal scholar on transgender and other inequality issues, the attention being paid to the military issues is part of a disturbing trend.