“This is a whole new world. There are five cameras on you at any given time. Depending on how prominent your storyline is you can work crazy, long hours, four or five days a week. And you have to memorize scripts pretty quickly. I’ve really never worked harder than I do now. I can’t wait to read the script each day, to find out what my character is going to do next. It’s challenging because it is always changing and it has really stretched me as an actor. But at the same time, it is so much fun. I love my fellow cast members and everybody on the set. It’s like going home every day.”

General Hospital Post, Kristina Leaving?

Ive had work and school nonstop lately, and facebooks commenters recently updated me that she’s been axed? threw her in yale? well now thats dissapointing. I think she is a lovestruck girl, and i kind of wanted her to get together with Ethan, but most of all, I really liked her as an actress. I hope she goes onto better things, I know she has it in her of course. She was one of the main reasons I really started watching the series.

Good luck to you Miss Lexi, you shall be missed. :<