kristina guison

paved beginnings

This is my newest screeprint. Green Queendom

It was initially printed in the really nice green..then I started doing blends and layers Those are just two of the basket of outcomes.


I haven’t really posted any screenprints on here but I have been doing them for the past few months now. Under the care of Jeff Garcia…a very skilled screenprinter

and an overall far out creative brilliant being.

My artistic vitality was sparked by a 5/6 month art mentorship program that I recently went through called CLUTCH. It is facilitated by the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture in Kensington Market, Toronto. It had a deep focus on the arts and our cultural identity.

out of that grew inspiration, a network of like-minded peeps, a more profound source of artistic integrity and a new way of articulation.

We had an exhibit in March which was guided by our personal and collective



**side side track** For all ye young filipina artist in Toronto check out CLUTCH Vol 4! It starts in the fall!


SO Last Saturday along with 2 of the most ultra woman human artists I know (Lyndl Guadalupe and Kristina Guison) ((Also CLUTCH veterans)), I hit the street for the annual BIG on Bloor Festival. Eight hours under the sun with almost no shield..followed by a refreshing rain shower. Thank God for the 1 Litre of Coconut water and several water bottles. Met some really great people. Glad to have received a positive reaction from the public. It’s always so nice to share. I also liked that I got to experience the weather all day, which hasnt happened in a while.

Lyndl’s block prints + Kristina’s dye paintings!!!