kristin's last show

Please, I don’t want a Wicked movie that’s just a remake of the musical but with popular auto-tuned Hollywood actresses! I just want a book based live action film that uses Susan Hilferty’s amazing costumes with believable talented actresses who can play up the Gelphie!

However if someone could add an epilogue of sorts with Elphaba finding Glinda in Southstairs (that scene from Out of Oz) and cast Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel for this… Yes that would be great thanks.

the signs as moments from kristin chenoweth's last show on wicked
  • aries: idina literally lifting kristin off her feet during curtain call
  • taurus: idina wiping kristin's tears away in for good
  • gemini: "stay with me. i'm gonna miss you. oz won't be the same without you."
  • cancer: idina getting choked up and being rendered speechless before giving her parting remarks to kristin
  • leo: kristin's voice wavering, then stopping halfway through the "there's no fight we cannot win" lyric in defying gravity, then just staring at idina
  • virgo: "the most important thing to have to make yourself popular is to keep your beautiful smile."
  • libra: kristin crying into idina's neck in front of a thousand people
  • scorpio: thirty second hug after for good
  • sagittarius: kristin touching idina's face in defying gravity
  • capricorn: "there will never be another kristin chenoweth"
  • aquarius: kristin and idina wistfully looking down instead of kristin trying to make idina laugh before popular
  • pisces: kristin's voice majorly breaking in for good