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Winter’s coming, but not fast enough. These books will tide you over until Game of Thrones season 6 premieres.

Looking for some kick-ass ladies?

Maybe you like your kick-ass ladies to come with a great destiny?

What about fierce battles and daring deeds?

Need a touch of magic?

One word: DRAGONS.

Happy reading!

Books’ & Cupcakes’ Book Photo Challenge | April 12th | Fiction or Non-fiction

💙 Always fiction. 💙

Since I’ve reached 500 followers I decided to do a masterlist for LGBTQ+ books. Something people might not know about me is I love reading. So I wanted to share not only some of my favorite LGBTQ+ books, but also others. I really hope people enjoy this.

ps. I have not read all of these books, so if any of this information is inncorrect please let me know. 

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Go to 0:12 RIGHT NOW.

Then 0:25.

Kristofer Hivju in his first major theatre role in 2005 as Erlend.

fact : Lana can admirably change her voice to 4 different levels from Young Regina to evil!Regina to Regina Mills to The Evil Queen

but sadly can’t manage to look into the right direction for a CGI dragon