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anonymous asked:

Do you know the names of the victims siblings if they had any. I love your blog by the way. Very calming vibe.

Thank you!! Sorry if I miss any.

Rachel Scott: Bethanee, Dana, Craig and Mike.

Steven Curnow:  Older siser Nancy.

Cassie Bernall: Chris.

Isaiah Shoels: Two younger brothers, Abubaka and Anthony, younger sisters Michelle and Melissa, as well as an older half sister Makashia.

Matthew Kechter: Adam.

Lauren Townsend: Kristin, Matt and Josh. 

John Tomlin: Pat, and Ashleigh.

Kelly Fleming: Erin.

Daniel Mauser: Christine. (Plus adopted sister Madeline after his death).

Corey Depooter: Jena, a freshmen when Corey died. 

Kyle Velasquez: Older brother Daniel.

Daniel Rohrbough: Older step sister Nicole Petrone. Also two adopted siblings from Ukraine, Rachel and Isaac, after his death.