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True Blood star Nelsan Ellis dies at the age of 39 after suffering heart problems

True Blood star Nelsan Ellis has died aged 39, his manager has confirmed.

The actor, best known for portraying Lafayette Reynolds in the popular HBO series, passed away after complications with heart failure.

His manager Emily Gerson Saines confirmed the news to the Press Association.

She had earlier told US website The Hollywood Reporter: “Nelsan has passed away after complications with heart failure.

"He was a great talent, and his words and presence will be forever missed.”

Ellis appeared in True Blood throughout its seven-series run after first appearing as the cook at Merlotte’s Grill in 2008.

He also had roles in The Help in 2011 and most recently appeared in CBS show Elementary.

Among those paying tribute to Ellis were his True Blood co-stars Aisha Hinds, Michael McMillian, Lauren Bowles and Kristin Bauer.

Bauer wrote on Instagram: “One of the sweetest most talented men I’ve ever met. A terrible loss for all of us. Rest In Peace Nelsan. You will be missed. I don’t know how else to put words to this terribly sad news…”

McMillan said he was “stunned, devastated by the terrible news” in a post on Twitter.

He added Ellis was a “genius and a beautiful soul”.

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As promised, here is the text of Bryan Fuller’s speech accepting the Dan Curtis Legacy Award at the 40th Annual Saturn Awards on June 26, 2014:

There is a model of the Starship Enterprise in my home office and it will soon be orbiting this statue.

Today I am so delighted to be on the receiving end of the Dan Curtis Legacy Award, although I feel as though Dan Curtis has been rewarding me all my life with sweet, sweet trauma. When I was a small boy, Dan Curtis robbed me of my innocence in the most wonderful way. He dropped a chimney on a child. It was in the film “Burnt Offerings.” And watching that little boy die horribly, I thought, “Well, shit.” Life lessons learned up until that moment had been “you can kill Bambi’s mother, but you can’t kill Bambi.” Dan Curtis possessed Bambi’s mother with an evil old house and then he dropped hundreds and hundreds of bricks on Bambi. I was enchanted and terrified. Storytelling was no longer safe for my demographic. Stakes were raised. Chimneys were much more interesting once I knew they could be weaponized. And my psyche was radically altered. Dan Curtis changed the way I thought about the world, and he changed my imagination. For me, the most charming and endearing part of Dan Curtis’ legacy will always be his ability to freak out small children, to the point of inspiration. And if I have freaked out even one small child – and I’m very certain that I have – I will be staring at the USS Enterprise in orbit of this Saturn with humbling pride.

To the leadership of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films – Robert Holguin and the Brothers Marcus – thank you for this incredible honor.

To the writing staffs of Star Treks Deep Space Nine and Voyager, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Heroes, Pushing Daisies and nbchannibal, thank you for your imaginations and your inspirations. These gentlemen here.

Thank you to the actors and the directors who have elevated all of our words.

To Gaumont, Sony and NBC, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to freak out viewers and hopefully inspire them in some way … preferably not to cannibalism.

To my partner, Scott, thank you for your kindness and encouragement.

To Kristin Chenoweth, one of the sweetest things about receiving this award is that you introduced it and presented it, and that means the world to me. Thank you.

And finally to all the storytellers, those pioneers, inventors and poets who have freaked us out and challenged us to think differently, I salute you.

Thank you, everybody.

In addition to Bryan’s receipt of this award, #Hannibal was honored as Best Network TV Series (in a tie with nbcrevolution), and Mads Mikkelsen received the award for Best TV Actor.