kristin hassan

Part 5: Kristin Hassan

It is quite intimidating to contact someone who has built a successful business designing female clothing and you personally have no experience in their industry.

We felt we had a pretty cool idea with Social Plaza, but neither Julia or I had ever had any professional experience in this industry.  Julia has always had amazing taste for style, so I was not concerned with the lack of professional experience, but nonetheless still intimidating for me to make this contact.

What the hell I thought - going to have many firsts through this entire process, so no use wasting time worrying (once again, a mindset that I had never had until a month ago)!

I was still having trouble explaining our concept to people, so I chose to reach out to Kristin via email first, that way I could review my words as many times as needed.  The email was sent I think on Monday, and with my patience, if i had no response within 3 days I was calling.  Monday passed, Tuesday gone, and Wednesday came….no response.

Ok I thought - no time to waste, might as well giver her a call.

Thinking back this was a hard conversation - my words came out all over the place as I introduced myself and Social Plaza to her.  She was very nice and easy to speak with, which made it easier for me to explain as the conversation went on.  She apologized for the lack of response via email, but explained she was busy learning how to be a mother, being she just had delivered her baby girl Violet only one month ago!

After about a 20 minute conversation she expressed some interest in my hazy idea, and wanted to set up more time to speak and see this “avatar platform”  which had just been described to her with an overdose of words!  

The exciting part to us was Kristing Hassan was not only a willing designer to work with us, but her clothing line was very very fashionable, and had past success selling in physical boutiques.  We kinda figured we would just start with any designer, not necessarily one that we loved, but were very lucky to find both in Kristin’s clothing line.

We set a call for next Monday night with me, Julia, Kristin, and her husband.  I had spoken to Scott (developer), and he had given me access to his platform as a guest user for a week, so I could share this with Kristin during our meeting.

Next Monday came fast, and after a full day of work at my daytime job, I was excited to come home and see what was to comes out of our meeting.

The meeting was set for 8 MST.  At 8:15 I got nervous, and 5 minutes till 9 I was upset and ready to move on to find another interested designer.  A little past 9pm, as we were just about to give up, Kristin and her husband called.  She apologized several times and let us know Violet was having a hard time getting to sleep, so that was why they were late.  Again, a first time mother to a 1 month old - I had to forgive the tardiness.  

We had about an hour conversation sharing the avatar platform, explaining our vision, and detailing exactly how Kristin could benefit from helping us with this research for Social Plaza.  

We learned that Kristin created her designs by hand, not on any software program, which meant the only option we had was to take an end product of hers (silk dress), and try to turn this dress into a virtual piece of clothing.  Once we had her clothing turned virtual, we could then try the dress on the avatar platform.

The conversation ended with a very positive feel to it, and Kristin let me know she would give this some thought over the next couple of days and get back to me.  

“I’m in,” she stated several days later, and so now we had our designer… was time to bring this great news back to Scott and introduce Kristin’s clothing to his avatar platform!

Coming soon….Part 6: Re$earch