kristijan majic remix

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend some songs to listen to while you draw? :*)

i love recommending songs!! so much!! i’ll just list some songs i’ve been enjoying recently:

  • lana del rey - smile (kristijan majic remix)
  • m83 - go!
  • radiohead - true love waits
  • jeanette- corazón de poeta
  • adele/daft punk mashup - something about the fire
  • gabrielle aplin - sweet nothing
  • birdy - silhouette
  • grimes - venus fly (feat. janelle monáe)

simstellation  asked:

baby's breath, evening primrose, waxflower, and sunflower :)

baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with:

alpacas, the color pink, clutter, scrapbooking, and fluffy blankets

evening primrose: what’s your sleeping playlist (give me 5 songs)?

hmmm…for this one I just  picked a bunch of my fave ‘’’’’slower’’’’ and ‘’’’sleepier/chill’’’’ songs….

han solo and the princess (+ princess leia’s theme in a new hope) // star wars v: the empire strikes back (love theme)

love // robin hood original soundtrack

cherry blossom // lana del rey (kristijan majic remix)

can’t help falling in love with you // elvis presley

pawn shop blues // lana del rey

waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person?

butterflies! got to see the butterfly exhibit at the american museum of natural history in nyc and it was awesome! oh and hmmm….always grew up with cats + thought that I was a cat person….but I really love dogs….so both!

sunflower: would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid?

definitely mermaid!


Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s an amazing remix made by Kristijan Majic.


prob the best LDR remix i’ve come across. ;P

Lana Del Rey - Cola (Kristijan Majic Remix) (by KMremixes)



listen to it here

headcracker - deformer ▲ nightmare - obsidia ▲ r+s - matthew dear ▲ neither his nor yours - coil ▲ summertime belongs to me - nurse with wound ▲ powers that b - death grips ▲ insulin (kristijan majic remix) - crystal castles  ▲ weigh me down - lorn  ▲ bestial burden - pharmakon  ▲ laughing hieroglyphic - avery tare

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