At 1:28 Tobin: I think uhh dawn is switching teams
HAO: let’s keep dawns personal life out of our game

Dawn: focus on the game


“Now can we go to Dunkin?”


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One thing I love about off season:

You get to see that they truly all are as close as they seem. 

Several of them live together :

Emily Sonnett and Morgan Brian have an apartment in Atlanta

Steph McCaffrey and Kristie Mewis live together in Boston

Ash and Ali obviously live together

Tobin and Christen obviously live together 

They hangout with each other:

(Not off season but) Christen, Tobin, Alex, Ali, Ashlyn, Kelley, Lindsey and Sonnett all attended Allies wedding

Christen and Tobin obviously are dating and spend time in Portland and LA

Ali, Ash and Alex all spent Halloween together in Orlando

Ali, Ash, Alex and Syd all spent Thanksgiving together

Mal Pugh and Lindsey Horan met up to hangout in Colorado before the U20 WWC

Emily Sonnet, Morgan Brian and Kelley O’hara all live in Atlanta and hang regularly

Emily Sonnett visited Sam, Kristie and Steph in Boston

Ali and Crystal went to some type of gala/event together

They Travel together:

Steph, Kristie, Tobin and Christen all went to London for a gala and hung out

Morgan and Alyssa went to Cayman Islands for vacation

Allie, Christen and Tobin went to Barcelona to watch El Clasico

Allie and Alex met up in Spain for a Champions League Match

I love how they really are all friends, its proven when they hangout even in the offseason. 

*I’m sure I missed some, but these are ones that stood out to me. 



Stephanie McCaffrey post wisdom teeth surgery.If You need a good laugh this is perfect for you