kristian rangel vallari

Seeing the earth from above not only reminds me how small we really are, it opens the eyes and mind to its amazing artistry… We have and continue to carve this amazing world, but if we zoom in and read the human signature, are we enhancing the earth’s visual greatness?

I took this photo during winter somewhere above the state of Ohio as we approached Cleveland from the east.

Ohio, United States of America

Intensely shy yet highly curious, they followed me around as I walked through their small, harshly humble hidden village… our languages did not relate, yet we understood one another. Intrigued by the apparatus I held in my hands and was frequently using, with smiles and looks, it was clear they wanted me to show them. I slowly kneeled in front of them, looked through the window and clicked away. I then turned my camera to show them the recorded scene. What followed I did not expect. The instant they saw it was them, their faces lit up, their mouths dropped, and time actually stopped. They had never seen themselves like this. Some stepped back, others laughed, some even screamed! Seconds after that, every single one of them wanted a peak… Picture after picture, they begged me to show. Some were so happy even tears began to flow. Truly, an amazing experience.

Tanzania, Africa

I was driving north through Texas on my way to Memphis, I stopped at a gas station for fuel and some snacks. While waiting for the pump to finish, an incredibly old ford truck pulled up behind me, and out came this witty old man. His personality flourished, his character extruded joy as he turned and smiled at me, saying “good morning young fella!”… After exchanging a few words, I asked if I could take a picture of him. He smiled from ear to ear and chuckled with amusement. Funny things is, his eyebrows where so thick, I never got to se his eyes!!

Somewhere in Texas, USA

As we took in the last views of the port of call from our balcony, we began feeding seagulls flying around the ship with some left over muffins from our dinner… moments later, the flock of birds was clamoring for a taste. As they approached, balletic wings flapped continuously as they hovered inches away from her hand trying to grasp the tiny morsel.

Stockholm, Sweden