kristian duffy


Between August and October this year, I worked on Holy Moley - A CITV short for the Share A Story competition. Children write stories and send them in, winners are chosen and, in a nice move from CITV, different animation companies are selected to produce.

Kilogramme produced this one and I was pleased to be asked to work on the backgrounds.

The short was directed by Sam Jones, and animated by Sam, Jonny Redmond, Jon Salter.

Character designs were from Emma Reynolds and 3D work by Paul Campbell.

Story by Samuel Cousens

The short itself should be available online at some point, and will be on TV again soon.


Another big illustration project. These 6 illustrations were created for the PANI creative awards held over in N. Ireland. I was honoured enough to be asked to provide the illustrations for the brochure that accompanies the ceremony (as well as the website:

A little different to what I’m currently used to doing but a huge project none-the-less.

Work created through the agency Pale Blue Dot, based in Belfast.

This was part of a large illustration/animation project I had over Christmas. 

The client, Bruntwood (a building firm) held a strategy presentation where this was cropped and animated for use in an accompanying film. In print, the full model was used in a handout at the venue, as well as cropped for a notebook later given to staff.


*Above: Two illustrations prior to working for Stanley Chow and two more recent ones.*

Yesterday marked an exact year since I started working for Stanley Chow, and conversely, it also marked the conclusion to my time as his assistant and animator.

In the past 12 months I’ve experienced the life of a seasoned illustrator first hand, one that has found immense success on a global scale. I started my time there in the same headspace as a graduate (I finished university the year before that) and have left with a much more rounded body of knowledge (and thanks to some buffet/McDonalds Wednesdays, a much more rounded body in general). It’s something I can’t pin down or describe but I’m now able to say I think like a professional, which is the most important aspect of anyone’s career (talent doesn’t come into it). My technical skills haven’t particularly improved (they’ve focussed) but I feel like I’ve had an instantaneous 10 years of experience and my grasp of the creative industry has surfaced to a place where I’m confident and analytical. For this I can only thank Stanley Chow for giving me my first big break, and my year within the orange walls of his studio will be remembered as the major development of my career from toddler to teenager. It’s now my job to Sherpa it into a fully grown adult, with wisdom teeth and taxes to pay.

I still consider myself extremely fortunate to have been selected for the job, especially after speaking to the abundant competition in the small, perfectly formed creative community of Manchester. A community without which I wouldn’t have discovered the job in the first place, or found a sane congress in a career that traditionally makes no sense (getting paid to draw??). The quickest route into said community would be @DrawNorthWest, look at its follower list for the myriad of gruesome ghoulies that make our little city a great place to start as a creative.

I’m very pleased with where my illustration is heading. I plan on further exploring anatomy and colour theory by way of improvement but overall I’m excited. However, I find it impossible to ignore animation. Nothing can grab me like the magnificent beast of story, illustration, music and motion in tandem. (That said, Illustration alone can do this on occasion, but I’m wired for that).

Starting next month, I will be based in the lovely Kilogramme Animation Studio working remotely for creative agency Pale Blue Dot. I’m very excited to be animating and illustrating for their various top tier clients, hopefully adding my own spin to an already brilliant portfolio of work. A few exciting projects are on the table already and I’m looking forward to digging into what will be a wonderful future (disclaimer: freelancing is along for the ride too).