“Just the way the mother stood by her daughter all through when the devil was possessing her.”
“Oh, I know. I love that part.”
“Yeah. I… I remember it so vividly. Um… Shane, my son, he got a stomach virus the first time that I saw that movie. He was vomiting for two days. It was just… It was awful. Poor little guy. This was when I shared custody with my former husband, and it was his weekend. So I… I was there in the car, just… Sort of bundling my son, and he’s getting sick in this bucket I brought. And he’s crying his little eyes out. And then I thought, BAM! The Exorcist. And I looked in the rearview mirror of that car, and I said, "Mandy Riddle… If the mother in that Exorcist can keep it together while Satan himself is making a mess inside that little girl, you can get through this.” So… You know what we did? We grabbed that bucket and marched right back in the house.“

Hallucination!Oswald: Why must you keep lying to yourself Ed, we both know that you still love me

Ed: I don’t love you, Isabella was my one true love

Hallucination!Kristen: You know Ozzie, I think we should let Isabella weigh in on this

Hallucination!Oswald: That is an excellent idea! So where is she Ed?


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