My Protective Crush >.<
  • -In Starbucks
  • Me:That guy right there keeps looking with a very dirty look... >.>
  • Him:*cracks his knuckles* Which one?
  • -Eating Pizza
  • Me:Yeah the guy made me feel like I was more alone then I really was...
  • Him:He really hurt you. What's his name.. I got friends over there who can teach him a lesson.
  • -At School
  • Me:I don't like that guy as much as he likes me..
  • Him:I could tell him to leave you alone. C;
  • -Going to Class
  • Me:I'm scared that guy is going to be there...
  • Him:Punch his face and tell him to leave you alone, or I will.
I bet.

I bet my followers are thinking I’m bipolar or something ._.
I posted how I feel alone, and how I don’t have mutual feelings… THEN I post about wanting to be with someone…


This guy I thought I liked… well He liked Me… I only liked him because He liked me! Since we were in high school… (we are first year college students >.<) And I haven’t seen Him since He kissed me on Wednesday… And well… I’ve avoided Him cause He came to strong on me. I wanted my first kiss to be simple and sweet. NOT HIM WRESTLING WITH MY LIPS! >.> I’m not good at these things… I’m not used to these things… So basically on Thursday at 11:11pm I made a wish. “Please… I just want a guy that I… ME, MYSELF… can like… and he likes me too.” So Friday at school, I avoid HIM and just stayed with my friends… besides if He even cared he would of at least came up to my friends and ask ‘em where I was at! Then later that day. I talked to my friend who was talking to another guy… This guy made my heart beat fast… It took one look and I was falling for him! He seemed familiar and I knew who he was before, but never actually seen him in person or spoke to him. So now I feel like chasing this guy >.<…