kristen x taylor

One of the reason I really wanted Ed and Isabella to stay together was that by dressing up as Kristen and having Ed confront his fears, she was able to prove to him that he was not only capable of love, but also that he deserved it. it was probably the most important thing he’s learned or experienced in the entire series because it was truly beneficial to him and to society as a whole. For him to lose her so quickly took away the physical representation of his 2nd chance at love, and I don’t think Oswald knew how important she was to Ed, and Oswald killed him so he could be with Ed, but it was a truly selfish act that had a profoundly negative effect on Ed. even though Oswald does love Ed, their interactions and actions have been extremely destructive, while Ed’s relationship with Isabella was completely constructive. I do hope that the Gotham writers will find a way to integrate her and her effect on Ed into the show.


“Ah, me. The year’s scarcely turned and already the secrets have begun. Where will it end this time? The New Year isn’t about what happened, it’s about what’s to come. But the past is always with us, just waiting to mess with the present. And when it does, I’ll be watching.”

In the Realm of the Basses, Gossip Girl 2x14


“Spotted: B turning a year older, but not necessarily wiser. Guess Chuck’s the gift that keeps on giving. Blow out your candles B, this’ll be better in the dark.”

Seventeen Candles, Gossip Girl 1x08