kristen watches buffy

So the first time I ever watched anything to do with Veronica Mars was last summer. My family and I were flying back home to New York from Seattle, from a week long vacation. JetBLue was having some issue that day, I don’t remember if it was a delay or bad weather while flying or whatever, so they decided to make all the movies free for everyone on the plane. My choices for the first couple of hours were between Veronica Mars, Mr. Peabody, and that hotel movie with the guy that played Voldemort. Since I’ve had a girl crush (let’s face it, a real crush) on Kristen Bell since I saw Burlesque I decided on Veronica Mars.

Up to that point, I had only heard of the show but only because the movie had just came out. I don’t remember it ever being talked about when it was on. Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie. Veronica Mars was kick ass, witty and sexy. (Veronica Mars or Kristen Bell?) Veronica and Logan’s relationship was adorable but I did feel bad for Dell from Private Practice. And I thought Mac was really cool too. (It did help that I thought Tina Majorino was really cool after seeing her in Grey’s Anatomy and Bones but that’s besides the point.) So all and all I thought it was a successful movie. I mean I didn’t even know I was missing out on inside jokes and backstories, which obviously would have made it better, but when a movie can entertain me even without me having watched the show and not make me feet like I completely missed something then it deserves an A+ in my book.

After watching the movie I made a mental note to watch the show at somepoint but I never got around to it. Life sucks that way sometimes. The next time I remember ever hearing about it was when I watched Carmilla. Laura mentions how she has watched all of Veronica Mars, meaning she now has the ablity to solve the mystery, and Carmilla makes a referance to it when she calls Laura “Lauronica Mars.” I enjoyed the reference because I had watched the movie but to me it was just a funny allusion. A whatever.

Just recently though I was scrolling through Tumblr and I noticed gifs with those lines again and I was reminded of the mental note I made on the plane a year ago and I thought, “Eh, what the hell.” I mean I had just finished watching all 10 seasons of Bones and needed to fill the empty hole that left in my life so I took to Amazon Prime.

Now I’ve only watched the first 15 episodes of this show but I think I am love! How did I not hear about this when it was on?? I mean it was only 2004, I was 8, I could have easily been told about it. I wish I was told about it! I should have had this show in my life growing up! Veronica Mars is not only badass, she’s smart, beautiful, misunderstood, dorky, and feared. She understands when to follow the system and when to break the rules. She sticks up for herself and proves herself a hero in Every. Single. Episode. How was this show not known as the 2000s version of Buffy?

But seriously, this show is all about girl power. Not only is the main character a kickass woman, one of her (future) best friends is a fantastic female hacker, who’s also very attractive and not in the cliche, male fantasy sort of way. Also, a lot of the side characters are female which if you know anything about what Geena Davis is doing, you know that having side characters being female is a big deal too. This show also deals with issues not talked about openly often in the 2000s. For example, sexual assault. Within the first episode we already know that Veronica was raped at a party, with all the rich kids, after her drink got roofied and then the cop she reported to just laughed her off, saying she had no case because she didn’t know who did t and told her to basically get over it. He didn’t even offer to do a rape kit. Also, in Neptune (the town name in the show) has a distinct line between the wealthy and the impoverished. In this town, a good chunk of the impoverished are POC and they make it clear that race also has a big thing to do with the separation between the two groups. They deal with prejudices too, like when Weevil gets accused of identity fraud because of his race and his past actions when he didn’t do it and Veronica has to prove his innocence because she knows her friend didn’t do it. I mean this show even hits on how the guys that people typically view as thugs are very respectful to Veronica and even stop jokingly flirting when she looks uncomfortable when the rich, white, entitled boys continue to treat her like dirt – I mean one of the rich kids was the one that raped her. ALSO let’s not forget Veronica helping a boy find his father who they discover had had a sex change and then she helps him accept the news when he can’t seem to handle it, telling him basically that no matter what gender his (ex-)father was, they still loved him and that was all that mattered.

This show dealt with so many issues that were needed to be talked about in 2004 and need to be talked about now. And let me remind you I’ve only watched 15 episodes, so who knows what issues they deal with in the next 49 episodes. The fact that this show got cancelled after only 3 seasons is a crime!

Veronica Mars is a needed show and is completely underrated. I highly recommend you go watch it now! And I the only other show I harrass people about watching is Orphan Black, and I mean….that right there speaks for itself. So what are you doing here still? GO WATCH VERONICA MARS!!!