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From couture-buying clairvoyants to besotted Southern belles, here are the best female performances of the year in film thus far, as selected by Matthew Eng.


My Thoughts on the MLP Movie Trailer.

So last night I, like everyone else, saw the official trailer for “My Little Pony: The Movie”.

This is a movie that I have been anticipating for!!!

The original cast are reprising their roles, while having the occasional celebrity cast. But the celebrities being chosen to play some of the new characters are really interesting!!!

And this movie is animated by “Toon Boom Animation”!!! It is an animation software company that you can use to animate anything you want!!!!

So I was getting excited for this movie!!!! :D :D :D

And I saw the trailer and it … 

… looks okay.

I find the trailer to be okay at best. I did not find it to be good or great. 

The trailer to be honest is really disappointing and, kinda bad. 

But before why I didn’t like it, lets go over the things I did like. 

There are CERTAIN scenes in the trailer that looked jaw dropping!!! 

And I liked this one scene where a new character named Tempest Shadow (Voiced by Emily Blunt), beats up a random fish creature!!! The best part was the fact that she didn’t need to shoot him with laser beams and she didn’t even need to levitate him!! SHE BITES HIS TAIL PULLS HIM UP IN THE AIR, AND SMASHES HIM HARD ON THE GROUND!!!! 

When that happened I was like … 

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I said, “HOLY SHIT!!!!!” 

And I think she is going to steal the show!!! We don’t know much about her other than the fact that MAYBE she might be working for The Storm King!! 

But she has a horn that is broken, that might be something interesting to look forward to!!!! 

But … that is it!!! 

I have two huge critiques for this TRAILER!!! 

And that is, most of the animation itself and the fact that it feels very cliche.

In the very beginning of the trailer, there is the cliche narration from Twilight, one of the main characters. Basically telling us that life is perfect and that nothing can ever go wrong! 

I little shook my head after she said that. So everything that has happened before, that doesn’t matter? 

And when watching the trailer, I immediately knew what was going to happen! It just feels like all of the cliches are there and I just need to pinpoint them in the right order!! 

As a fan of the show, it feels like this trailer doesn’t have anything special to offer. There might be some new characters, but there are also new characters that are ponies, cats, and seaponies, creatures that we have seen before. There might be new places to discover, but we gotta wait to see it.

I know this is just a trailer and not the final product, but judging from the trailer, it looks mediocre and nothing special. 

And then we get to … the animation. 

OH BOY!!!!!!! 

The best way to describe this animation is this: It’s like one of the early 2D animated films from the early 2000s (Sinbad with Brad Pitt and Home on the Range are some examples), where 2D animation combined with 3D CGI animation. And 3D animation was still being experimented on and didn’t look good at all.

That is how I can perfectly describe the animation.

Because most of the scenes have one of the most fakest looking animation I have ever seen in anything! 

I know that the movie is not out yet, but from the trailer, it looks fake as shit.

It didn’t feel real or exciting, it just felt like it was there. 

But as I was looking on the IMDB (Internet Movie Databse) page of this movie, I came to the shocking realization that only a quarter of animators from MLP the show have animated this movie!!! And most of the other animators are people that have not even worked on the show!!! 

So really, when it comes down to it, it’s just a trailer. The actual movie might be good! It might be great! 

And I know that some of you will call me a hater for this, but here is the thing! MOVIE. TRAILERS. ARE. IMPORTANT. The trailers’ job is to get people to see the movie!! To make people excited that the trailer for the movie they are watching might actually be a good and memorable movie!! 

This trailer however, did not excite me. It made me worry. 

And also, there is going to be that one person who responds to my post by writing an essay on how it is going to revive 2D animation and how it’ll be the greatest animated movie of all time!!!! 

But no matter how many words you type, no matter how fluent your wording and sentence structures are, my opinion will stay the same until the movie comes out! 

I just have to wait and see. 

I rather be myself in expressing my opinion.

That is my take.

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Kim Possible was such a successful show because the characters were played by Disney Channel Stars

Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens): Kim Possible

Will Friedle (Boy Meets World): Ron Stoppable

Tahj Mowry (Smart Guy): Wade

Kristen Storms (Zenon Girl of the 21st Century): Bonnie Rockwaller

Raven Symone (That’s So Raven): Monique

Aj Trauth (Even Stevens): Josh Mankey

Ashley Tisdale (Suite Life of Zack & Cody): Camille Leon


“Nora” - Colin O'Donoghue (written by Kat Meoz)

“Over and Over” - Colin O'Donoghue, Kristen Gutoskie (written by Ryan Lacen + Kat Meoz)

“Hindenberg” - Kristen Gutoskie (written by Kristen Gutoskie + Ryan Lacen)

“The Dust Storm” - Colin O'Donoghue (written by Kat Meoz)

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