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I feel like I can already hear the Tumblr lesbians fangirling. 


Fake Movie Meme- Requested by Anonymous (A fake movie meme with Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Olsen, Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson. A drama.)

                                          Tomorrow Wendy

 After weeks of not feeling her best, Wendy finds out that she’s sick. She’s really very sick and the outcome isn’t looking great. Her roommates Vivian and Mel are at her side at a moment’s notice. Wendy’s coworker Hannah starts visiting to help out and immediately develops feelings for Mel, much to Wendy’s joy. After many tearful weeks, Vivian can’t take it anymore. She can’t bare to see her best friend wither away so she leaves and it eats away at her. Wendy watches as her best friend moves out and Mel sabotages her relationship with Hannah. How can she stay strong when everything around her is crumbling? Can she fix everything before she isn’t strong enough or will the lives of those around her fall apart?