kristen meier

This photo means a lot to me. Kristen Meier is just barely out of college, and she had no idea if she was going to continue playing soccer after she graduated. She had the brilliant opportunity to play on Seattle Reign, and I had the brilliant opportunity to house her for a couple months in the pre-season. She talked about how excited she was to finally further her career and see if she could make a mark in this profession. She never would’ve guessed she would be playing with Hope Solo, or Megan Rapinoe or any world class players. When she visited us during the middle of the season, she said she was getting a lot of advice from Hope (since Kristen usually plays in the midfield but was put in the back line). I remember this game really clearly- Kristen was not playing very well, and she seemed extremely stressed out, and there was this awesome moment between them. My outlook on Hope really changed after that.

My photo (keep credit)  

Well I Guess This Has Been a Day of Waivers

Boston and Chicago have both announced waivers today and just a few seconds ago, Seattle joined them in announcing that they have waived Kristina Larsen and Kristen Meier.

Not too much shock and awe but it’s still news!

They have been with the team since the draft back in February(? I’ll double check). But there nonetheless. I wish em well in their careers and hope I’ll see them around in the coming season.