kristen gets it

Something about Kristen Stewart’s demeanor gets me everytime, her whole aura comes off to me as completely, unapologetically real and while too many are out there hating on her acting skills am here calmed by her just being out there. Her acting is getting there and IN TIME.

take a shot every time a straight person is shocked that homophobia affects your daily life in 2017 because they never have to think about how traumatizing it was as a child to constantly hear that you’re disgusting and that this will stick with you for the rest of your life on top of constantly having to worry about your safety while in public and also constantly having to worry you’re making people uncomfortable by literally just existing… but no Kristen i can get married so #lovewins and homophobias over right


vm rewatch � 3x09 Spit and Eggs


vm rewatch � 3x08 Lord of the Pi’s

Photoshopped this so that it can fit on an iPhone 6 lock screen! Feel free to use it 💕


The Ghostbuster’s Handbook is great for kids (and adult fans alike) and comes with an honorary Ghostbuster certificate.