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so quick and very very very very messy animation. bad and awful. messy af. this is what happens when Gotham meets Eurovision -> yep the text is from JOWST’s “Grab the Moment”… XD

(🎵 i’m gonna kill that voice in my head~~ 🎵)

Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 17 Closing Credits
Host  Jude Law
Musical Guest  Pearl Jam
Aired  13 March 2010

Ed is left hanging and it’s Rick’s birthday aka Mike being adorable

Into The Wild (2007) - Sean Penn

5 bullets on this film:

  • No, sweetheart, this film is not for “dirty hippies”. I hate it when people are like ‘oh it’s a movie for people who don’t want to pay their taxes’. Like, no. A big no. It’s based on a true story and it’s really beautiful, ok? And I think people who pay their taxes would like it. 
  • I cried watching it. oh, what a surprise. me, crying! But really, it’s a very moving movie and it causes different feelings. Like, ‘I want to run away from society! But I want to sleep in my bed and have a toaster! but I want to explore nature and  find myself! But I want to shower everyday and open the fridge whenever I like!’ 
  • Sean Penn did a great work and I’m impressed. I know the story is based on a book, but I think it couldn’t have been better directed. The protagonist’s journey doesn’t get boring at any point of the story and you end up relating to the characters that are presented during the film. 
  •  The scenes showing nature are really beautiful. You will want to hug a tree or run away to Alaska or something after watching it. 
  • The soundtrack <3 Eddie Vedder is in my heart
Riddle me this - Edward Nygma One shot

Based loosely off of the song Heart break girl by five seconds of summer and i think this has been written before but like differently? im not sure but if it was written before i’ll find it and give credit i promise ♥ anywho lookie here! i wrote another story! yay me!

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“I’m coming!” you shout tiredly putting getting out of the warmth of your bed, its currently 3:30 in the morning, you were startled awake by knocking on the door.
you get up to answer the door and are slightly confused to see your Nerdy co-worker Edward Nygma standing at your door at this hour, “Ah.. I’m terribly sorry for waking you, I knew this was a bad time, I can just go-” you sighed heavily grabbing his wrist pulling him inside “Dont worry about it eddie i had just fallen asleep so its fine” you lied to ease the hurt looking boys heart about waking you
he nervously sat on the couch fiddling with his hands obviously uneasy, you set down two cups chocolate milk before sitting down next to him “So what seems to be the problem Mr nygma?” you said looking up at the boy, whos face turned to more pained for a second before a sad nervous smile formed on his lips “I took your advice, About mrs Kringle that is” you nodded picking up your cup “I gave her a note confessing my feelings to her.. ”

you frowned putting your cup down to rub his back gently yet reassuringly, truth be told you’ve always had the biggest crush on your awkward, nerdy riddle loving friend. it broke your heart to see him constantly get his heart broken by the same girl.

he let out a shaky nervous laugh “I wish she had just thrown it away. Arnold Flass found it in her desk drawer, He told everyone about it” he hunched over putting his face in his hands “If you ask me, Shes missing out” you said sighing softly scooting closer to him, rubbing up his back gently “You are an amazing person Edward Nygma and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a mindless baboon, Espeically Arnold Flass” he let out a shaky chuckle looking at you “You think so?..” you nodded putting on a soft smile “Of course! your the smartest man i’ve ever met! not to mention your so adorable when your all caught up in your riddles or little fun facts” your face started heating up to the words spewing out of your mouth “God anyone would be lucky to have someone like you Eddie.. Kristen should consider herself very lucky to have your utter love and devotion. God knows i would!-” you quickly covered your mouth with wide eyes as the blood rushed to your face

all you could do was stare at the floor in shock and disbelief that you just confessed to your long time co-worker and friend. Eddie just looks at you in confusion processing what you had just said before his face started to get dusted with a pink tint. he let out a small nervous chuckle “H-Hey.. (Y/N)?” he said softly breaking the awkward silence. you nervously look up at him muttring a soft ‘yes?’ he turned towards taking a deep breath “I have a riddle for you” you give him a strange face but nod anyway, eddie is this really the time for a riddle?, no. but hes going to say one anyway “Of no use to one, Yet absolute bliss to two, The small boy gets it for nothing, The young man has to lie or work for it, The old man has to buy it, What am i?”

you raised an eyebrow, carefully thinking over the riddle till it hit you like a semi truck going fifty on a highway “a.. kiss?” you looked up at him unsure but the big grin on his face said you had the right answer, before you could even question him about it you felt a soft yet chapped lips press against yours gently. before you even had time to respond to his sudden kiss he pulled back “I.. like you to (Y/n)”


#kristenstewart talks to variety about Eddie Redmayne  

Kristen Stewart, who co-starred with Redmayne in the 2008 indie “The Yellow Handkerchief” says he thrives on taking risks. “We had a gan time together,” Stewart says. “This is not a word I use a lot, but describes it perfectly. He’s a fucking lovely man. And as an actor is astonishing. He’s the kind of actor, and boy, that you want to go on an adventure. ”


The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting Outtakes, featuring Gary Oldman, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Bridges, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Susan Sarandon, Eddie Redmayne, Kristen Bell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Damon, and Sean Penn.