kristen do you know how much i love this song

2k celebration

Okay so cause we’re nearly at 2k I want to get all you guys involved in something i’ve wanted to do for a long while




okay hear me out.


i want to get as many ghostbusters fans as possible in a lip sync video as a way of positive feedback and love to leslie, paul, melissa, katie, kate and kristen. To show them how many people they have made so happy and how many lives they have made so much brighter.



 * What song will we be lip syncing?

 — Walk the Moons ‘Ghostbusters’ * USE THIS LINK *

 You can film this lip sync ANYWHERE 

 * You can cosplay, show off your GB merch… you can do anything (except no explicit images or signs; so no swearing or anything not PG ;)

 * You need to film at least a minute of the song (however depending on popularity I may assign you a line you’ll lip sync)

 * There isn’t really any set deadline as of yet (depending on popularity) it’d be nice if i could get this done by the 22nd August (Kristens birthday) but that seems kinda unrealistic (bc editing takes a loooong time)



 * This video will be uploaded on youtube, so you have to be okay with yourself being on youtube. 

* send me your video through messages

* As of right now there isnt a set deadline (again it depends on popularity)


i think thats it. if this gets enough attention and participants i do have a little add on idea that will only come into play if i cant add everyone into the main videos (however, i dont think this will be a problem)


So yeah if you have any questions just drop them into my ask box


also it would be much appreciated if you reblogged this ❤️




 Just have fun, thats all this is about, so let your inner Ghostbuster out and dance like nobodys watching!


So I hit 2000 followers and I’m still in shock. Where did you all come from? Very excite such amazing. I love you all and for putting up with my trash and just all the weird shit that’s happening in my life. And if you’re here for the ficwriting I apologize for being such a crappy updater, but that’s probably never gonna change…. I made this blog on pure obsession so thank you all for indulging me, seriously. Since I recently (less than two months ago) did a 1.5k follow forever with all my blog crushes, this one is mainly going to focus on the bae’s. I wanna thank you guys for always being there for me, making me smile when I’m sad and just being the greatest online friends ever. Alright! Let’s dive in!

♡ my lovelies

allensqueens // Oh Julia! My sweet little lady! Your creations are simply sublime and your messages never fail to make me smile! I’m so glad I met you!

arrows-and-fairytales // Gabby! Sweetheart! Your fics give me life alright. You could wake me up in the middle of that night for something new and I wouldn’t even be mad!

befitandchase // Diana! One of the very first people I followed on here and I’m still so glad I did! You are the nicest and the most wonderful writer!

blondefelicity // My fellow dutchie also named Julia! Are you excited for March 28th yet? #y'allshouldbejealousjuliaandiaregoingtoseecaitylotz

duaedenateist // Feyza, what would I do without you? I hope I never have to find out, because you are the best beta I could ask for, and you never fail to motivate me! Thanks babe!

dumplingnooona // Magda! Oh god, you ruin me woman, but I love you for it. Don’t ever doubt whether or not to come into my inbox with crazy prompts, alright?! I’m counting on you!

effie214 // Momma bear! You are such a delight, I honest to god cannot read your messages without grinning from ear to ear. Btw, your tagfics fuck me up every. single. time.

flash-smoak-and-arrows // Kristen, are you Van Gogh in disguise? cause you make me see stars, alright. Purely platonic stars, obviously. I was trying to come up with something artsy, but it sucked.

justanother90sbaby // Morgan, sweetheart. I’m sad the roommate thing didn’t get the chance it deserved, but I won’t love you any less!

mimozka // Oh god, Anna. We have so much fun together. Doesn’t matter if it’s weird conversation about offending audition songs or screaming about the sims.

olicitykisses // Nora, darling. I don’t know how you do it, but you haven’t grown sick of me yet. I love you so very much and I hope we get to make #hannahandnorainbarca2015 a real think. 

phieingelaere // Sophie! Please don’t ever think that just because we don’t talk that often anymore, I don’t appreciate you as much. I see every like and reblog and I love you so much! Don’t forget!

redpendreaming // Livi! We’ve only just met, but I feel like I’ve known you forever! You are so sweet and the Lady Defense League is gonna be a hit, I know it!

skcolicity // Sue, sweetheart! Always there to make me smile! I just got two things: Your fic ruins me, and I love you for it!

sophie1973 // Sophie, my dear! I don’t even know where to start except that you are one premium human being and I can’t wait to hear all the City Of Heroes stories!

solicity97 // Sofia you are the sweetest. Don’t even try to argue with me on this one. Love you to pieces!

queen-smoakin // Jay, you are too precious, okay. You and me, same wavelength when it comes to fashion. You’re sideblog  is obviously fab too wildesttdreamsss

whattalovelyscene // Feli, darling! I know I suck at regular updating but that fic I promised you is on it’s way.

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I probably forgot a ton of people, but it’s nearly 2 am and I’m tired. I love all my followers and also a lot of people who don’t follow me, but I don’t even care cause its too late to care and I’m listening to good music, so all is well. 

Love, Hannah