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Today in RK World

I haven’t done an update in RK World for awhile but just had to chime in.  I don’t get into the WHERE is Rob and Kristen game near the way I used to. They are busy actors and models and they flit from hither and yon often enough but almost always land back in LA together for fairly long stretches of time.

Though this post is not exclusively about today but about my observations since Cannes…and don’t worry we will end with today…

Since Cannes it’s been interesting, hasn’t it?

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Achele 2014 Masterpost

But Let’s start with where it all started : (the first acknowledgment through twitter after almost 2 years)

And then we got this :

And then this :

I’m so excited. I can not wait to [see] everyone at work. I’m so excited to see Amber [Riley]. I’m so excited to Mark [Salling] and Harry [Shum Jr.] and Dianna [Agron] and Heather [Morris]. I think Kristen Chenoweth is coming back. I’m trying so hard to get Jonathan Groff to come back for an episode. It’s gonna be great … I think the 100th episode is going to be very emotional, Obviously, surrounded by the family. It’s like we can do anything together.

Lea Michele talking about Glee’s 100th episode

Officially 2014 :


  • Dianna was seen with Lea and Chris at the coffee bean in the Paramount Lot on January 22nd. They were with some people, probably crew members. 
  • The girl who saw them works in PR and had a meeting there.

  • Spending time together on set while filming ep101 of Glee. 
  • A fan of Darren was at Paramount and saw the cast. She talks about Lea and Dianna.

And when we were not expecting anything at all this happened :

While everybody was flailing that L and D are indeed on set together, we got this :

Lea gave us a heart attack, some of us even died and went to Achele heaven.

and then this happened and the rest of us went *poof* up to heaven :

and the gift kept on giving :

and this was only January mind you,

Lea Talks about Working with Dianna for the 100th episode

Now it’s time for the 100th episode celebration :

Well I don’t know if Quinn and Rachel have a lot of scenes alone together, but we do go to a disco club together and Dianna and I had so much fun. And then a couple times Ryan would say, ‘Freestyle!’ and I was like, ‘Dianna, you had better do it with me!’. So we have our little dance moments, but I don’t think that Quinn and Rachel have any scenes together that I remember.

Lea Michele about Glee disco number ‘Party All The Time’.

And Gwyneth Paltrow joined the ranks with Claire Danes as Achele whisperer

@GwynethPaltrow Locker chats in the #glee hall with @msleamichele @diannaagron #behindthescenes tune in tomorrow 8/7c

And then Lea had to like the picture a day after it was posted on goop’s instagram (you know for PR purposes)

And like one of those dorky couples, they finish each other’s sentences.. again.


troll!gron and troll!chele strikes again

we get this old pic :

April 30th 2014 :

Now let’s move on to Met Gala and we got a grainy pic of them both on the carpet 10000 feet apart and we were all like alright this is it, but this is more that what we got last year but many were even ready to give their souls/firstborn for a single pic of them together (thanks to those who did) ‘cause we got this :

Thanks Jennception for the amazing edits 

Posing like the fucking power couple they are!!!

also we all would like to know what’s happening here :

a lil glimpse in to how Dianna still holds the biggest flirt title :

Thanks to Dened and her friend.

and then…

per usual Dianna played White Stripes.. well, at least we got to see what a stud Dianna was.

Matching Rings.. again?! :

Lea and Dianna talk on the carpet, till Lea’s handler drags her away.

and to think it has been only May! phew!!!

also a gentle reminder to the gentlemen with camera’s on the red carpet, please release more videos so we could see how Lea and Dianna met up on the carpet.. for science. lol

Have I covered everything? if not please feel free to add more.

Thanks and regards.

( SOURCE : @achelereferences and @jennception, thank you so much.)

harlotvonquinn  asked:

What do you think is going to happen between ed and oswald judging form the promos? Judging from what i can see i think ed let oswald go from the car acid desth trap he has going on but then theirs the clip of oswald bleeding? If ed wanted to kill oswald he would have done it back when oswald was tied to the car ready to have acid spilled on him? It wounld make sense to let him go just to stab him right?

Here’s my best guess: Ed is going to make Oswald suffer, but ultimately-he’s going to understand that Oswald did him a favor by killing Isabella.

Remember when Ed rescued Oswald from the woods and was showing him Kristen’s glasses? Talking about how much he owed Kristen, because through her death she set him free from his former life? Then, he kept talking about how love was a liability for men like himself and Oswald.

When Ed met Isabella, he stopped taking his own advice. Isabella, as a person, meant nothing to Ed.What mattered is that she looked like Kristen, and seemed to be Kristen come back to life-only better. She caused Ed to re-live a time in his life when all he wanted was to be “normal”-he worked at the GCPD, had a “normal” job, tried to make friends and date and be accepted. When Kristen consented to date him, that brief period was the closest to “normal” Ed ever got. When he murdered her, it severed his connection with the desire for “normalcy”-almost.

That desire was still lurking under the surface of Ed’s psyche, and Isabella brought it out in full force. Suddenly Ed saw himself having one last shot at the normal, respectable life he’d once longed for-the house with a picket fence, the pretty wife, the two kids: just like that dream of the perfect family we saw in Jim’s hallucination.  It’s not a coincidence that Isabella was like “dream-Leslie”: too good to be true.

When Oswald killed Isabella, all that went down the drain. Ed rage isn’t about Oswald killing a person-both Ed and Oswald kill people with as little fanfare as me buttering toast. The rage is about taking away Ed’s last shot at that normal life.

However, what Oswald did also removes the last barrier from Ed becoming the Riddler. Just as Kristen’s death started to set Ed free, Isabella’s death completes that process. Ed’s now truly free to become the Riddler, and to fully come into his power. I believe Ed will realize this, and realize that Oswald did him a favor; and so, he lets Oswald live. We know neither of them die; and we know that the very next episode is “How the Riddler Got His Name.” This is my best guess for how they get there.

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