kristen bell is the perfect woman

Bad Moms (2016)

Just saw this movie last week and i really liked it. To be honest the trailer is way more funnier than the actual movie. It was a good movie and maybe one of the best movies this year, but i wasn’t that big of a fan. I’m just not into this whole trend of “let’s put a bunch of famous people in one movie and have them act all out of control”.

The movie is obviously about three moms that are overwhelmed with their day to day duties as….moms. Mila Kunis plays Amy, a very busy career driven woman who is sick of always trying to be perfect. I reallz liked her character and i think she did okay. Kristen Bell plays Kiki a moms that’s all about her kids and doesn’t have any social life outside of her home. Kathryn Hahn plays Carla a single mom who is all about having fun. As you can image these three women get together and start partying and get into all sorts of situations. Not very original.

If you wanna watch a fun, carefree movie then this is the one for you. Please don’t forget to tell me your opinions and have fun ! :)