kristel joy

Every now and then, a Julia Child or Michael Pollan come along and changes the way we eat. Could Jean Kristeller, author The Joy of Half a Cookie, be next? Psychotherapist Jean Fain says maybe. Fain writes:

Back when Kristeller, now a professor of psychology emeritus at Indiana State University, was a grad student at Yale in the late 1970s and early 1980s, she had a compulsive overeating problem. She had been meditating for years, and decided to apply what she was studying about eating regulation and the mind-body connection to her overeating. As she writes, it was transformative. Once she got a handle on it, she developed a mindfulness training for a variety of eating issues called Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training, or MB-EAT, and set out to test its effectiveness.

In several studies, Kristeller has shown that the practice of mindfulness meditation and mindful eating effectively decrease binge eating and increase an inner sense of control overeating.

‘The Joy Of Half A Cookie’ And Other Mindful Mantras For Weight Loss