Getting into my Fall/Winter mood! Me and Paula discussed some really cute ideas earlier today and yesterday. I was so into it I wanted to draw one of our favourite ideas!

We’d imagine these two babies would just snuggle up inside a blanket fortress and John would just read to Fawnlock all through the night; Fairy tales most likely.

Um, I’d also like to mention I used a lot of Fabrics from this little website for the blankets and pillows so I’d like to give credit to them for that! 

Also, both me and Paula PAULA AND FUCKING I* have a three day weekend to work on some stuff, I’m sure! Hopefully we’ll get in some more Fawnlock stuff for you guys and if not this weekend, some other time!

Love you lot bunches!


Happy Holidays from the Fawnlock team! (And Tom who picked out John’s sweater.)

Would also like to say a very merry Christmas to my wonderful partner in crime, miss Paula. Without her, this whole idea would never have existed. You’re brilliant and I’m ecstatic to be working on something this wonderful with you and hopefully for years to come. Thanks and this one’s for you!



I made this lame version too.

Drew some growing up for miss paula as a very, very, very, veeeeeeeeery early birthday present. She’s been sailin’ since Februarrry 11, did you know? (That’s pirate for ‘she’s been alive since February 11.’)

I think this would be around the time where Moosecroft had to take care of young fawnlock after their parents deaths or something.. one of their happy moments together until John had to go ahead and ruin in years and years later leaving Moosecroft in a position where he could only worry about Fawnlock from afar and could do nothing about it COUGH COUGH.

Anyway, yes! Have a nice brotherly moment with these two dumb babies!



So Paula was drawing the most cutest thing last night during one of her livestreams and this idea popped into my head. Hopefully she’ll finish it soon so you all can see what they were doing that was so fun. ( NO, they didn’t have sex. Notyetatleast. )

Also this is the first official big comic I’ve made for our Fawnlock blog! ( Yaaayyy!!! ) I don’t think anybody cares, but me and Paula were pretty excited about it. ( Miss Paula here watched me draw the whole thing start to finish too. Bless her. )

Anyway, that’s really all there is to it. Don’t know what else to write besides that so.




i’m uploading this on krista’s behalf because she’s neepy and her wrists hurt! 

look at this gorgeous thing. look at the detail and the amount of work. what do i even say? you can all see how beautiful it is. i just. ahhh. and batjohn and little mousey hooper too, :’)

just want to take the time here to thank everyone who loves our ideas and contributes to the fawnlock AU, and even to the people who don’t like fawnlock but are respectful. thank you, all of you!


Fawnlock valentine’s day cards!

From Miss Paula and Budden~

i (paula) helped with a few ideas BUT BUDDEN DID ALL THE WORK AND MADE THESE BEAUTIFUL THINGS (i love her wolfiarty he’s terrifying)

i’m still dead at ‘i’ll never, ever leave you.’ because it was krista’s idea - it’s from moosecroft to fawnlock, (after their parents died) and when i was little and felt sad and lonely my mum would spoil me on valentines day and it reminds me of that (non-sexual love on v day is great!),

and it breaks my heart because moosecroft promises to never leave fawnlock but the opposite happens and fawnlock leaves, instead

nbd just krista makin me cry on my birthday SNIFFS


this is paula here!! underneath this gorgeous art by the wonderful krista my partner in crime to explain a little about fawnlocks growth spurt

me and krista imagined that when they first met, fawnlock was either john’s height or a little shorter than john. he isn’t a child, he’s more of an older teenager, (perhaps around 19 in human years) but he ages differently, he grows fast, and grows much bigger than john in just the space of their first year of knowing each other. 

so yap. first picture is early on in their friendship. second picture is much, much later on, so far so that john’s persuaded fawnlock to wear pants. sometimes.

Inspired by many things actually. For one, Paula sent me an absolutely beautiful and eerie song called Grizzly Man which takes a whole part in this one, and also winnie the pooh was a huge inspiration. ( The old story books. Looked at one of the pages for a reference for the tree. )

Tried a new kind of style too. I tried to make it more story book like.

SNORT. Anyway, suprize Paula! This was what I was working on and you haven’t gotten to see until now! Hope you like it!


!!!!!!!!!!! 500 followers. 500 PEOPLE WHO LIKE THAT FUZZBALL FAWNLOCK! he’s extremely flattered. (though he thinks you should all be doing more productive stuff, like giving him sweet things to eat)

i’d just like to say thank you all ever so much for following, and to all those people who send in gorgeous art, and the followers who stick up for us when people send us hate, and all the generally lovely people who like fawnlock! 

~paula and krista

(also the arms connecting all weird in the back was a happy accident i decided to keep. i like it)

Have a good day today at work, Paula! I love yah!

( Suprize! I stayed up late to finish this for you! I really wanted you to wake up to something nice, so here you go! Hope it helps start your day wonderful! )

And to our lovely followers, I have a lot of work to do. I’ll try and work on some asks later today after I wake up ( currently almost 2am ) but I will be a very busy girl so I can’t promise I’ll get tons done! ( I still have seasons!Fawnlock to do too! Ahhh! ) I’ve also promised a few lovely people some art which I’ll also be working on. You’re all lovely! And now it’s time for bed!


In his sweat I can taste how he feels and it helps me understand him better. 

(paula here, hello! we’ve got quite a few Q’s about fawnlock licking john so often. it’s one of my favourite things!
remember the part in the reichenbach fall where sherlock licks the wrapper even though he really shouldn’t? we’ve kinda taken that idea and run with it.
so fawnlock naturally judges a lot of things by his mouth, tongue etc. his sense of smell/taste is heightened and helps him with clues and cases. he’d never used it to display affection before he met john, i guess it’s kinda new and interesting to him)

So Paula and I did a switcharoo with our styles as you may know from the previous post. I decided to hand out a snip-it of my part of the trade mainly because it’s taking so long to get out there. Been working on it for a while. Working extra hard on it since Paula’s work is filled with beautiful small details. I want it to give off that magical feel that you get when you look at Paula’s work which is mainly my inspiration for this piece so far.

Anyway, that’s about it. Hopefully more will get done tomorrow/today. ( 6 minutes past twelve. ) School starts on the 5th for me so I’ll only have today to work on it and whatever free time I get after school. It will be done.