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You’ve never had a real birthday before…
Except, of course, the ones you spent
Outside my locked door

This one’s dedicated to those who dealt with me for Drunken Sunday night. You know who you are. ;)

Advent Calendar December 3rd- Little Kicks

                Kristoff’s grin was broad as he lay in bed beside his wife. His hands rested lightly on her swollen tummy as they talked lazily about their day. All was dark and quiet in Arendelle with most of its inhabitants having gone to bed hours ago. Tonight was an ordinary night for them, but an extraordinary magical one for the royal couple.

                “Elsa wouldn’t let me do anything today because of ‘my condition’.” Anna laughed, “She keeps calling it that and worrying over me like a mother hen. I know she means well, but I hate doing nothing and honestly I just have this weird feeling like I want to wash everything.”

                Kristoff chuckled in return, “You’re nesting Anna, and you know Elsa is just worried about you and the baby.”

                “I know, but I don’t know if I can take another four months like this.” Anna was currently twenty weeks into her pregnancy and thanks to her small frame it was rather easily noticeable.  From the moment that she had begun to show Elsa would not allow her to do single thing or even lift a finger. Anna, of course appreciated her sister’s love and care, but it was getting difficult to be so restricted in her life.

                “Want me to talk to her?” Kristoff asked as he leaned in to Anna’s face to kiss her forehead lightly. He and Elsa tended to have an open forum of communication when it came to Anna and the pair had an unspoken agreement to assist the red head in any way possible when they could. That was how their relationship worked, through similar personalities and a mutual love of Arendelle’s one and only Princess.

                She sighed softly and ran a hand through Kristoff’s messy blond hair, “No I think I can handle it. She thinks she’s helping and I don’t want to discourage her. After all despite the stress it’s probably put on her, this whole experience seems to be good for her.”

                Anna stretched out a bit, but didn’t move so much to shift Kristoff’s hand off her baby bump. She liked it when he rested his hand on her like that, it was comforting and relaxing. It reminded her that he was just as excited about their bun in the oven as she was.

                “If you say so.” He replied, yawning slightly in exhaustion. He had been working with the palace guards all day, assisting them with some trivial matter that was now required of him as the consort of the Princess of Arendelle, or more simply put, a Prince. He never imagined in a million years holding that title, and as such he never referred to himself as a Prince. Being someone who was raised in the mountains by trolls the entire thought of royal titles seemed far too pompous to him. He was simply Kristoff Bjorgman, an ice harvester who happened to fall in love with and marry a Princess. He had honestly given thought once or twice to the fact that if anyone had told him even two years ago that he would be married to the Princess of Arendelle and would be expecting a child with her, he would have laughed in their face and taken away the tankard of whatever they had been drinking. He would have never believed that he would be where he was today.

                “What do you think?” Anna said expectantly, pulling Kristoff out of his own thoughts.

                “About what?” He asked, missing the first part of whatever she had said due to his intent focus on his thought process.

                “About the name Sofia for a girl and Peter for a boy?”

                Kristoff mulled this over in his mind for a moment. “I like Peter, but maybe Emilie for a girl?” He smiled softly before adding, “I was told once that my mother’s name was Emilie.”

                Anna smiled for a moment, Kristoff had never mentioned that to her before. She was sure that it had merely slipped his mind or he had his reasons for not telling her about it at the time, but it brought a smile to Anna’s face to hear it. She knew Kristoff knew little to nothing of his parents except for the fact that they had passed on when he was very small. “Emilie is a beautiful name.”

                Kristoff nearly jumped a mile, seconds after Anna spoke. “Did you feel that?” He asked wide eyed and mouth agape.

                Anna smiled lightly, “I think someone likes their name.” The baby had kicked, Anna had thought she felt it lightly earlier, but with this being her first child she had been unsure. This time however it was obvious to her, and she was beyond happy that Kristoff had felt it too.

                “She… he… it kicked.” Kristoff said, in absolute awe, “Our baby kicked Anna.” She was excited, but he was more in awe than she was. In fact he was acting quite like a kid in a candy store. He rested his hands again on her tummy before shifting to kiss it.

                Anna smiled, “Elsa is going to freak out in the morning when I tell her.” After this she felt the need to add, “A good freak out that is. She’s been asking me for weeks if they baby has kicked yet. She’s been reading pregnancy and parenting books behind my back, I know it!”

                Kristoff laughed a bit, “I’m sure she’ll be absolutely thrilled.” He knew that he was at the very least.

                “Maybe I shouldn’t wait until morning.” Anna said, her happy smile suddenly transforming into a wicked grin. “Maybe I should go tell her right now.”

                Kristoff knew that this was some sort of evil payback on Anna’s part, waking her sister as vengeance for her helicopter sistering.  Yet despite this he did not attempt to talk her down. Usually he was the only thing standing between Anna and a ridiculous idea, but in this case he was standing aside, and was actually joining up to go with her. If Anna was happy, he was happy. And of course the snow queen would be annoyed at being awoken, but not for long when she realized the reason behind it.

                Anna hopped out of bed immediately after the idea hit her, “Let’s go!” She said as she headed for the door.

                “Maybe you’ll want to put on some clothes first?” Kristoff said to her just before she turned the door handle. He might be going along with her on this crazy scheme, but he still would be her voice of reason.

                After they were both adequately dressed the duo went off to awake the Queen and subsequently spent an hour in the library touching Anna’s tummy to feel the kicks of the little royal to be.

Death Cannot

This is for @upthenorthmountain, and I want to state for the record that it is all her fault :P This started as an anonymous fic in her inbox, because she promised that she could handle the angst when I told her I had an idea that would make everyone would hate me. But then life got out of control and I never finished the story, so I collected the bits and rewrote them a bit and added a conclusion. And I’m very sorry, in advance, please direct complaints to @upthenorthmountain because did I mention that this is her fault? This is her fault (also it is dedicated to her, thanks for putting up with my plot bunnies, Anna <3)

EDIT: Also, this fic has a short epilogue–Reunion.

  • Death Cannot 
  • Rating: G
  • Words: 4025
  • Warning: Character death
  • KA Harvest Fest Prompt: Haunting
  • “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” - The Princess Bride

Kristoff crouched down on the floor and surveyed the area under the bed critically. “No monsters here,” he announced.

A chubby little finger pointed to the closet. He got up with a grunt and went to open it, revealing a row of brightly colored dresses, a few shelves of folded clothes, an overflowing bin of blocks and other toys. Kristoff solemnly examined them all.

“No monsters here either,” he said, but he left the light on anyway.

The little girl in the crib was three and a half, her red hair just long enough to form two little pigtails. It was very important, he had learned, for her hair to be in pigtails before bed. Ella’s hair had an amazing capacity for knots, and there had been a few times when he’d worried that he’d be forced it cut it off. Kristoff stroked a hand over her head. He bent down to kiss her forehead and tucked up her blanket.

“You’re always safe,” he promised. “There’s someone watching over you.”

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anonymous asked:

11 for Elsanna or Kristanna (whichever you want)

11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba–goddammit!”

(Thank you for the choice, anonymous friend! I don’t do EA so I went with Kristanna. :D) 

The war is long. Brutal. It takes its toll; the soldiers march along, weary and downtrodden.

“Can we be done yet?” comes a plaintive whine from among the troops.

“Not until your father surrenders,” Anna whispers back, hunched behind the walls of their impressive snow fort. 

“This stopped being fun hours ago.”

“I know, little one. Now shush. Mama has to bean Papa upside the head with a snowball.”


Kristoff’s shaggy blond hair is within range. He’s made the mistake of venturing outside the protective barrier of young spruce trees. Anna grins.

“Ah-HA!” she shouts, jumping up, arm cocked, ready to send the small snowy projectile flying. She’s nearly halfway through the throw, when she notices that Kristoff has procured a small, adorable shield.

“Hi Mama!” her youngest grins in his father’s arms. Kristoff smirks wickedly.

“Oh, that is low.” Anna says.

“I’m helping Papa win!” And that’s when she sees the large lump of snow in Kristoff’s free hand. She scrambles to get back into the fort, but he’s already bounding over, triumphant laugh echoing across the snowy hillside.

“Abandon ship!” the children cry, giggling as they scurry from the fort. Anna’s not so lucky. She’s tripped up by a root.

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba–goddammit!” she yells as Kristoff dumps the snowball right on her head. She sputters. “Cold, cold, cold!” And all the while her rambunctious brood laughs. The little traitors.

She’s got the worst of the slush off her cloak (unfortunately most of the slush went in her cloak) when she looks up and sees a large, calloused hand outstretched. A peace offering.

She smiles in spite of herself and accepts both the hand and the truce. Once she’s on her feet, her husband leans down and gives her a kiss. The war is over. 

(Of course, Kristoff does feel he has to gently remind her: “Language, dear.”)

Things I Need People to Draw For Me: 

  • Kristanna sock sliding down the halls 
  • Kristanna feeding each other wedding cake 
  • Kristanna painting their hands on a mailbox Carl-And-Ellie-Style
  • Kristanna in a photo booth 
  • Kristanna harvesting ice together as kids 
  • Kristanna building a snowman 
  • Kristanna underwater kiss 
  • Kristanna in-the-rain-the-notebook-style kiss 
  • Kristanna