How to revive a 500-year-old dying language - BBC News
A group of volunteers in Singapore are reviving Kristang, the language of the Portuguese Eurasians.

Until two years ago, university student Kevin Martens Wong had never even heard of his ancestral tongue, let alone spoken it.

The Singaporean linguist was researching endangered languages when he stumbled upon Kristang in a book. As he dug deeper, he realised it was the language of his maternal grandparents.

Mr Wong had heard smatterings of Kristang while growing up. But his grandparents were hardly fluent. His mother couldn’t speak Kristang at all.

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
bersatu dan maju

Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone! I was contemplating if I should finish and post this since this weekend’s outcome was positive (compared to my cynical projection a few days back), but nonetheless we all have a long way to go and thus decided to finish it.

In recent times, I feel we may all have forgotten the importance of our anthem’s first verse. ‘Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju’… United and progressive. We may have different backgrounds, skin colour, whatever– but inside we are all the same: we bleed the same red as our bunga raya, we were born on this land and to many of us, Malaysia is home. She is a beautiful land, rife with many natural resources and a diverse range of beautiful people. Out of all these and through the tides of time, through a mixture of all the colliding cultures we have quite a number of unique things we can call our own, like Peranakan and Serani/Kristang people/culture for instance.

TBH the hope that I had for my countrymen to put aside certain differences has been very dismal. I love my homeland, but I haven’t been the most positive about it especially with all the hooha after GE13. Why have we all become so petty, so blind, forgetting that we’ve been destroying what our forefathers have fought SO hard for? Do you not want a better future for ourselves, our children? Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of moving elsewhere again, but there is also a reluctance because this is my home and I certainly don’t see myself as a citizen of another place, somehow. And then Bersih4 happened. I am proud that it had a positive outcome, and even if you did not participate for various reasons, I am sure you too would want those in power to realise that you’re done with them screwing around with us and get their act together.

We share our lives under this perfect sky, the sun sometimes too warm on our backs but it’s a warmth that’s familiar and comforting.
We sing the same anthem, eat the same food. We all love a good teh tarik. I hope that from here on out, just as in the past and for the future, we choose to be united and make our country progress forward. For the sake of leaving them a safe future where they can grow up in and be good people. No gostan-ing ok? Langkah depan je.

Remember: Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju.