161109 BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 in Fukuoka - Quiz Game

1. Q: What makes Jungkook think he has really grown up? (500 points)

Taehyung: Carrier billing
Namjoon: Body
Yoongi: Age
Jimin: Driver lisence

Hint: Something changed about it

Jimin: Physically growing up
Jimin: Mentally growing up

2. Q: If Jungkook were an ARMY, whose fan would he be? Why? (5,000 points)

Jimin: It has to be me right?
Yoongi: J~~~~Hooopeee~~
Taehyung: Can I answer it? It’s V.
Jimin: It’s Rapmon-hyung, because he’s smart. 

Namjoon said he would be Jungkook’s fan too.

3. Q: The most embarrassing moment of Jungkook this year? (50,000 points)

Yoongi: Falling down while riding a scooter in front of our house?

Hint: During live performance

Yoongi: Drooling while perfoming live?
Taehyung: Having stomachache while perfoming live
Hoseok: Pants ripped
Jimin: Dropping his mic

Hint: During live perfomance, something happened and the two got something

Jimin: This one surely is V
Seokjin: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, I blew hand kisses to ARMYs
Taehyung: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, Jin-hyung…
Jimin: Laughing when seeing Jin-hyung’s dance?
Yoongi: Jin-hyung really can’t dance!
Seokjin: Before the pre-recording, while positioning, I touched Jungkook’s butt
Jimin: Jungkook farted when Jin-hyung touch his butt?
Taehyung: Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook during the pre-recording? 

Correct answer: During the performance, Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook and both got scolded

Seokjin: Ah… Yeah
MC: You don’t remember it at all.
Jimin, Taehyung: I do remember.
MC: How was the situation like?
Jimin: I scolded them.
MC: Jimin-ssi scolded them? For messing around?
Jimin: They kept hitting each other… I told them to stop..
MC: That’s really cool.

4. Q: What’s the first thing Jungkook do after waking up in the morning? (60,000 points)

Hoseok: Hope! Going to the bathroom
Jimin: Opening the fridge
Seokjin: Drinking water
Jimin: Getting off the bed
Yoongi: Honestly…
Namjoon: (Doing the) laundry
Hoseok: (making stretching sound)
Taehyung: Corn Frost (cereal)
Hoseok: Thinking about ARMY?
Seokjin: Drinking milk
Jimin: It’s a thing he really does.
MC: What is it?
Jimin: Opening the fridge. It’s true. I see him do that everyday.
Yoongi: First thing after waking up, going back to sleep.

Correct answer: Finding something to eat

(giving out the Jungkook Master award)

Taehyung: I present this certificate to Jimin for his vast knowledge of Jungkook.
MC: Jimin-ssi, please tell us how you feel.
Jimin: Jungkook-ssi, please look after me in the future as well.
MC: Jungkook-ssi, Jimin-ssi won 1st place.
Jungkook: Jimin-hyung really knows me well. And I want to say thank you to our ARMYs for answering many questions too.

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161128 BTS JPN Fanmeeting in Tokyo D1


MC: Jin-gun, you’ve come back safely from “Law Of The Jungle”! How was it?

Seokjin: I was a little nervous, but it was cool.

Taehyung: Actually he was worried too.

Namjoon: But because Jin-hyung can do anything by himself so…

Seokjin: I can come back safely thanks to the support from our members.

Hoseok: (chanting) Jin-hyung! Jin-hyung! Jin-hyung!

Taehyung: I gave him the most support.

Jimin: Sit down. I supported Jin-hyung the most from behind.

Seokjin: That’s right. Thank you.

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161130 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Tokyo D3 - Quiz Game

1. Q: If there’s a circumstance where Jin thinks “Well lucky for me I’m the eldest”? (1 point)

Taehyung: He can pick a fight with his dongsaengs…
Seokjin: Dingdongdeng~
Taehyung: You’re a bad person.
Hoseok: Hyung keeps getting more and more everyday. 

2. Q: Jin’s self-picked biggest charming point? (1 point)

Namjoon: Jin-ssi really loves himself so… Clearly it’s his face.
MC: Is it correct? Jin-ssi, how is it? He said it’s not. Anyone else?
Taehyung: Jin-ssi doesn’t have a charming point. 
Jungkook: His shoulders are plentiful.
MC: He said wide shoulders. Suga-ssi?
Yoongi: Eat a lot? 
Seokjin: Wrong!!
MC: Then Jimin-ssi.
Jimin: Jin-hyung really loves himself, so he thinks he’s cute. 
Seokjin: Dingdongdeng~ 
(does aegyo)

3. Q: The song that he often listens to before sleeping these days? (3 points)

Jimin: Me!
Seokjin: Please sing it.
Jimin: (sings “Lie”)
Seokjin: Nope.
Hoseok: The boy who met evils!!
Seokjin: Nope.
Taehyung: (sings “Stigma”)
Seokjin: Nope.
Yoongi: “Awake”.
Seokjin: Hint is “dark”.
Jimin: ‘Constantly pushing without rest within the harsh rainstorms’~ “Lost”! 
Namjoon: Doesn’t you like rain? Could it be… (sings “Rain”)
MC: Why do you listen to “Rain” and sleep?
Seokjin: “Rain” is a great song. 
MC: Does it make you sleep well?
Seokjin: Yes.
Yoongi: Wait, I’m Jin-hyung’s roommate. How come I never saw him listening to it?
Seokjin: I’m always listening to it in my heart.
Hoseok, Namjoon: Hyung, please sing it.
Seokjin: (sings “Rain”)
MC: It’s like a press conference… Please give him a big hand. The winner is Rapmon-ssi. Jin Master is Rapmon-ssi!

Taehyung: I present this certificate to you for your vast knowledge of Jin-hyung.
MC: Jin Master.
Namjoon: I really like Jin-hyung’s aegyo. Please show us the original version of “ARMYs are my everything.”
Seokjin: ARMYs are my everything~
Hoseok: Wow~
MC: You even know what song he sings in his heart.

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