Hope is grief’s best music

Summary: Aang discovers that Katara is a very artistic person, too.

Word count: 3,050

Author’s note: How on earth did I write this in just one day? I got the idea yesterday afternoon when I had finished with all of my other stuff and didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day. I really wanted to write something for today’s prompt since it’s quite difficult to come up with something different, something that hasn’t already been written. Then I thought about myself, what I like to do during my spare time and what always helps me relax - drawing with my headphones on while listening to the Avatar soundtracks or other popular songs. I searched for some stuff on the Internet about what to do to relieve stress, listening to calm music was one of them.
This takes place after “The Firebending Masters” and before “The Boiling Rock, Part 1”. The funniest thing is I was worried if I’m making a horrible mistake by not knowing whether Katara uses her right or left hand for writing. I needed to be sure, hence I mentally started going through every Avatar episode until it hit me - “The Bridge” comic, where she wrote in her diary. Katara’s definitely right-handed. Oh, and all of you fanartists out there (myself included), do you recognize a bit of yourself in Katara in this story?
Proofreading this left me with such a bittersweet feeling. Like, I’m smiling at Aang and Katara’s interaction, but at the same time, I feel how my heart aches when the story moves on and what happens next. I can imagine the sad song Aang played with his flute and how the melody of the song Kya used to carol to Katara sounds like. It’s important to keep in mind that they hadn’t talked about their feelings for each other yet, especially about what had happened before the invasion.

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