I logged into Guild Wars 2 today just to find out that literally every character had turned into a bobblehead. Happy April Fools’ to you too, ANet… XD I wonder if this affects world bosses as well because bobbly-headed Behemot or Jungle Wurm would really be something to see.

Obviously I had to see what dancing bobbleheads look like so here, behold the dorkiness.

Orayt! Sa wakas nagamit din kita ng sabay :).buti nalang may mabuting loob na hindi KJ hahahahaha

Kristabels salamat sa pagsabay sa trip ko hahahaha. Active na yung deal natin. Balitaan kita pag may isa saknilang pumansin nito hahahahaha :)

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Aww, my little mesmer is all grown up. Since I finally reached level 80 I decided to give in and exchange some gold into gems so I could get that additional hairstyle I’ve been wanting for weeks. Also, Order of Whispers robes, at last!

I basically just spent 90% of my gold at once but whatever. I had a mighty need for these new shinies.