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You can’t reblog it because you blocked me, recently, because now I can’t reblog your posts. People said you did this with  anyone that challenges your opinion, guess they were right. 

Now then, to the rest of your post. I am challenging your opinions, that one other person with all those tags doesn’t represent the entire yumikuri fandom. Maybe you wouldn’t be “harassed” so much if you didn’t state all of your opinions as facts. 

Ymir and Historia have had little development. It was mostly from Ymir’s side since the relationship as far as we can tell is purely one sided.

We have absolutely no real idea what Historia’s feelings are towards Ymir.

  With Ymir and Historia it’s just “lol they know each other” after the time skip.

Krista’s highest stat, her feelings for Ymir.

Levi and Hanji have been comrades for over 5 years, trust each other implicitly, and are often paired together.

You know who else have been comrades for over 5 years, trust each other, and are often always paired together? Ymir and Historia.

If you think that Ymir and Historia have more development you’re blinded by your bias towards Yumikuri.

Honestly, the only one here blind or in denial is you.

You know what? I think I may have blocked you before because you were harassing in the Erekuri tag. I’m just going to block you because you’re a dick.

People of tumblr, this here is Coolman229′s response to anyone who “attacks” him. 


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I'm laughing at the asshole who said Erekuri have more romantic potential than any pairing in SNK. This shit is getting more and more ridiculous.


Ship whatever stupid crack pairing you want, but don’t ignore or pretend that stuff doesn’t exist in canon to try and make your crack ship seem like something it’s not. 

Ymir’s interactions with Historia and her impact on her are a huge part of Ymir’s involvement in the story. Ignoring/downplaying her involvement with Historia is like cutting her out of the story entirely. 

I can’t stand people doing that kind of crap to characters, even to characters I don’t particularly like.