Wanna slash some titans in style? This shirt is perfect for you! Have a teaser of a shirt im making for RedBubble and many other T-shirt web sites, that will release later this summer. If anyone wants it, ill probably make a nude version of the shirt available too.

There will be stickers, phone cases, blankets, pins, toys, and lots of other cool stuff all designed by me! Keep your eyes peeled guys, and never stop fighting for humanity!


snk stickers! you can buy them on my redbubble here (x) in these groups or just one character by themself, and I’m gonna add more combinations than just these ones (like levi & eren together, mikasa & annie, etc)

I might make some more of side characters like petra, marlo, zeke, and whoever else, if anyone wants!


Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 - PV 2 is here!