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I'm so mad. Tried not to but I went on Sheila's Twitter and read the horrible shit and the lies on there. Like saying they could do something with Mickey if they had the actor. You had him, you just fucked it up. It's not like Noel's been busy, and it wasn't a schedule conflict. And her loving the Ian/C*leb shit? They have no chemistry, and I would rather eat my own vomit (which is saying something). I cannot stand that woman. I can't stand any of the writers and their bullshit. Fuck I'm so mad.

LOL oh my god, how fucking stupid do they think we are? I’m sorry but even if Noel really isn’t available because, I don’t know, let’s just say personal reasons or a job that didn’t work out, how do you then explain going out of your way to make sure the character can’t return?

You put him in prison for a crime where the only witness is the woman who was chasing him through the streets and shooting at him, when barely a few weeks have passed in the show’s timeline.

You say he’s sentenced to 15 years, maybe less if he behaves, but he’s not behaving and you make sure to point that out likely so you have something to fall back on when fans ask why he’s not getting released early. 

You then go out of your way to be petty and vindictive toward his character, by having him seem like the obsessive ex who doesn’t understand what a breakup means and who tattoos a name across his chest that he apparently doesn’t remember how to spell, because you know we want to emphasize how beneath Ian he is so fans will think Ian did a good thing for himself by cutting Mickey loose. You then almost immediately have Ian jump into looking for someone new, and if it was just about sex that would be one thing, that’s nothing new for his character, but no. You had to introduce a character who won’t have sex without dating someone first and then make it clear that Ian is interested enough to jump through those hoops for this guy. 

But nobody fell for it, including your critics, so now all of a sudden Mickey “could get out for overcrowding,” and “the actor left so it wasn’t our fault what else could we do?” and this storyline “wasn’t my personal choice,” (even though you were just going on about how excited you were to write 6x06 which is the episode most fans are pissed about) and “Ian’s not very expressive but I believe he’s buried it very deeply,” (so deeply apparently no one can see it even though we’ve always been able to with Ian before). 

Fool me once, Shameless. Fool me once. 

an old man in this coffee shop just told me to have a lovely day and would i please tell his friend joe that he finally left because he had waited for an hour and he’s sorry he missed him.  i’m so sad i want them to have a happy old man friend lunch

Krampus Film Streaming vf (2015)


⇝ Krampus Movie Storyline
“ A horror comedy based on the ancient legend about a pagan creature who punishes children on Christmas. ”

⇝ Krampus Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-11-26
Casts : Stefania LaVie Owen, Krista Stadler, Gideon Emery, Sophie Gannon, Toni Collette, Leith Towers, Tess Jamieson-Karaha, Ivy George, Queenie Samuel, Emjay Anthony, Adam Scott, Chi Jiajia Lim, Trevor Bau, Allison Tolman, Maverick Flack, Gareth Ruck, Luke Hawker, Lolo Owen, Conchata Ferrell, David Koechner, Felicity Hamill
Duration : 98 minutes runtime