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If you are a blog in any way related to any of the following bands

- Muse
- Nirvana
- Rage Against The Machine
- Twenty One Pilots
- Placebo
- Green Day
- Guns n Roses
- Panic! At The Disco
- Royal Blood
- Gorillaz
- Coldplay

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anonymous asked:

If Kurt "didn't have any friends growing up" who is Dylan and were they like best friends or what idk their relationship

he had friends.  just not life long ones.  Krist was the closest one,   buzz osborne, dale crover.  dylan carlson met Kurt in his very late teens.   they clicked immediately.    it was like krist was the “good “ friend,  very down to earth,    and dylan was the evil twin.  

for awhile , dylan lived as a neighbor at pear street.  I know dylan was the best man at Kurt’s wedding.  don’t know as it was because they were such good friends,  or rather kurt paid dylan’s and his girlfriends way to Hawaii, and he brought heroin with him.   innocent days, then.   dylan just brought heroin in his baggage.  damn.

Waterparks and Nirvana

I was watching a Waterparks music video and I thought Awsten reminded me of Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana. Then, I thought that all of Waterparks reminded me of Nirvana. You may be thinking “how? they are two very different bands.” My friends thought that, too, but here me out. 

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I was Krist Novoselic’s best friend for five years, after Kurt’s death. Krist really tried to help Layne, cause obviously he’s already lost Kurt…
Krist is one of the most caring, kind and sincere people on the planet. He would show up at Layne’s apartment and bring food to him.
Layne wouldn’t let anybody in. He had surveillance cameras. Krist would come back and say, “I dropped more food off for him.”
He really cared. It was like…. maybe he could help save somebody.

Roderick Romero