Garrick Schmidt is an older man who lives by himself in his four bedroom home in Dragon Valley and has been searching his whole life for something - That ‘something’ being an invention that no one else has ever invented to sell it as a prize. Garrick eats, sleeps, and breathes his inventions so that’s all he’s has ever known. Yet, it’s been years and he hasn’t got to that point in time where he’s satisfied with them. But the clock is ticking. It’s time for him to stop his obsession and find himself love. Someone who can break him out of his shell to go out and actually live. 

Made for Teeejboo’s Bachelorette’s challenge

Traits: Good sense of humor, Genius, Handy, Eccentric, Friendly.
Favorites: Electronica, Peanut butter and jelly, Spice brown.
All his outfits are expansion packs.


Meet Elliot Stark made for Teejboo and her Bachelorette Challenge.

Throughout Elliot’s life, people have always judged him and labelled him as a ‘bad boy’, so he play’s on it. He treats those’s people like dirt, and doesn’t care if he hurts them - though really, he care’s a heck of a lot. See, Elliot has never wanted to be a 'bad boy’. He only want’s somebody to love him and who he can really talk too. Most of the time, he has to hide who he really is and what it is he want’s to do in life. His dream is to become a world class acrobat, but he doesn’t want his 'bad boy’ image to change to 'the circus freak’. Will Krissy be the one to break his act and bring out the real him?

|Athletic|Rebellious|Hopelessly Romantic|Disciplined|Artistic|