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So much Banished. This is my most successful settlement yet, and I’ve been slowly raking in the achievements, finally.

Top picture is the main area of activity. The next five are a complete overview sort of pieced together, (I’d make a composite if the perspective didn’t make it impossible - it would have to be a video where I moved the camera). And the last three are some close-up shots of nice areas.

It’s pretty decent progress from my last post, with the areas to the east and south significantly expanded. Am nearing the 600 citizen mark, with 100% educated, a varied and stable food supply (covering all crops/orchards/livestock), and rich resource supply. And a whole buttload of labourers.

Sometimes it’s been growing faster than I can expand, and I almost had a food crisis on my hands, but with enough resources and labourers readily available, and a hefty (60-70k) amount of food stored, I had enough time to build enough farms and whatnot to get it under control. And almost everyone has survived most of the disease outbreaks, because of my excellent overall health and several hospitals.

I have a lot of fun with this game when my towns aren’t burning down.

I’m playing Saints Row IV and… I mean for one thing, they actually have a decently varied body build setting, like a three point scale of skinny-fat-muscular, something which is tragically underused in video games.

But not just that, but when I was still on this template, and I changed the sex to male, this is what I got.

Well then, how can I NOT love this game?

PS: 'The Stanley Parable' is an awesome game.

Don’t research it too much, it has to be experienced. But if you like Portal, but would like less puzzle-solving (or, in fact, none at all), less linear gameplay, and more narrative fun and hilarious confusion, then play it. Seriously.

Also, somewhat frustrating achievements.


i mean



I decided to use my ‘Mountain Map’ achievement town to try to the 'Firefighter’ achievement, which is to build 20 wells within one city. And then I got a bit carried away. There are 167 wells in this city. That’s more than it’s ever had as current population. The town is still self-sustaining.

Also, I named it Wellington. Basically, I’m a piece of shit.