I actually cried when I saw this.. it’s so inspirational!

Much love.

Hey beautiful followers,

I just wanted to say, that I got love for all of you.

Without you, I couldn’t even reach more people for “Beach House Vol.1

I’m happy with all of you, that follow me and really took/take time to listen to one of my songs. I know, I’m not Guetta or Afrojack. But hey, you guys let me feel that way.

Thanks for that special feeling you all give me :-)

I love you.


Hey! I’m searching for a male/female rapper who wants to rap over a new moombahton track of mine.

If you know someone who raps, link this to them!

If you’re a rapper, I’ll send you the track, rap over it and done!

If you’re interested mail me at: with as title; moombah-rap

That awkward moment when you know that your followers don't give a fuck.
  • Me:So I posted the Beach House cover on Tumblr and asked of they liked it.
  • Jay:Did you get any answers?
  • Me:No
  • Jay:HAHAHAHAHAHA, that sucks dude!!
  • Jay:How many people follow you on Tumblr?
  • Me:Like 50 or something?
  • Jay:HAHAHA, 50 people don't give a fuck about you.