• Burr: F is for friends that do stuff without you.
  • Madison, chiming in: U is for uninvited.
  • Hercules: C is for clinging to hope that you won't get forgotten.
  • Lafayette: K is for krispy creme yum.
  • Madison: This is not how I expected this conversation to turn out like.
  • Burr: One time I got into the shower and came out and no one was home and the lights were off. My entire family went bowling and forgot about me.

01.03.17 A New Month!

Bidding farewell to the beautiful spreads I had in February! I forgot to mention that there was free Krispy Cremes at O Week - I never thought donuts and icecream would be so 👌


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facts abt my dad

  • literally always pays w exact change (goes to great lengths to do so)
  • has a krispy creme baseball cap he loves and wears every day, he’s never worked there or anything he just likes the hat
  • uses gosh and fuck interchangeably
  • clips comics out of the newspaper and stores them in his fanny pack so he can show them to people
  • always wears khakis + windbreaker + sandals with socks (and his krispy creme hat)
  • if he sees a card at the store that he thinks is funny he’ll send it to me or my sister with a little note saying hi just bc he likes sending cards
  • main hobby is listening to npr and surfing wikipedia at the same time
  • has bachelors degree in geography but he’s a chef
  • is a folksy old jewish man who’s into hiphop and rap from the 90s
List of food Trini and Kim may have ate according to tunblr + analysis

A)donut: ✔matches the theme of krispie creme™, 🚫 seemed more square than circle
B) waffle, , 🚫 don’t think so bud
C) Eclair: ✔fancy, possibly delicious, probably gay
D) cake: ✔ sweet n simple

E) a piece of bread: ✔ possibly

E) Cinnamon roll: 🚫didnt seem round in movie but ✔ BC it sounds good n im hungry
  • Yui Rio: F is for friends that do stuff without you.
  • Koharu Hinata: U is for uninvited.
  • Yuna Hina: C is for clinging to hope that you won't get forgotten.
  • Mei Mio: K is for krispy creme yum.
  • Kokona Haruka: This is not how I wanted this conversation to turn out like.
  • Yui Rio: One time I got into the shower and came out and no one was home and the lights were off. My entire family went bowling and forgot about me.

Okay so??? Some interesting similarities between canon!Holmes siblings and the Gavin bros:

  • Both siblings have a seven-year age difference
  • Both worked together on cases
  • The younger sibling is usually the one who does all the legwork
  • The older sibling is the smarter one

And also:


  • Both are nitpicky drama queen perfectionists who are wholly dissatisfied whenever the slightest thing goes wrong
  • Both try to put up a calm, friendly facade in spite of this
  • Are more concerned with finding the truth than their own satisfaction
  • Both spend a great deal of their spare time playing obnoxiusly loud music on an expensive stringed instrument
  • Confront all of life’s problems with sass and/or denial
  • Basically Klavier Gavin is just a Flirty Rockstar!Sherlock Holmes AU and I am kinda mad at myself for not realizing this sooner


  • You could summarize their entire personality with the word ‘ugh’
  • Has strong ties to people in a position of power
  • Spends half the story sittin in their fuckin room
  • Their presence usually warrants more questions then answers

karlcat  asked:

Tbh though rip Will as soon as Bill discovers he secretly likes memes.... like Will will never have another moment of peace for the rest of his life. If everyone goes to a pizza place and Mabel is like 'Hey Will what do you want as a topping?' Bill will probably jump on the table w an air horn and scream 'HE WANTS PEPE-RONI' and Will is just like 'fuk u Bill i don't even like pepperoni'

BUT ALSO IMAGINE them going to a krispy creme shop and will just mumbles under his breath “back at it again at krispy creme” thinking no one hears him but of Course, bill hears All, and practically shrieks the same thing before doing a horrible backflip and knocking down the sign just like That One Vine

unfortunately this is late since i’ve been busy with apartment searching…
I can link you to what inspired this (x)
…but I don’t know that I can explain WHY I drew this???
so uh i’m just gonna say this is actually not the strangest thing i’ve drawn but it’s probably the most OHNO if you think too hard about Moorard and Jesse Cow. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

What are your choice of overwatch gents most likely to order from McDonald's or KFC or whatever

McCree: Churches Chicken or Wendy’s
Soldier 76: Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Creme for the morning and Subway for later in the day
Reinhardt: Has shit taste and doesn’t understand what’s good and bad and just tries everything, saying it’s good as to not offend his American friends. Probably likes Taco Bell because they’re so “experimental”
Lucio: Loves burgers, especially In-n-Out or Five Guys
Hanzo: Has the front of absolutely despising fast food restaurants, but he secretly likes going to Schlotzky’s