krispy creme donut

Look fairs are like the liminal space between Earth and Hell where you do all the stupid shit you know you would never fucking do in the real world but because you’re in this liminal space and think you’re invincible or some shit.

I don’t wanna hear about fucking deep fried waffles in the real world. Those can only exist in fairs and you fucking know it.

Like listen, my mom took me to the fair and she tried to get me to eat a fucking ice cream chicken sandwich with Krispy creme donut buns. You think that kinda shit happens in the real world??? Nah. Nah. As soon as you leave that liminal space between Earth and Hell they call the fair you realize the terrible sin you’ve committed against God and Nature and you spend the rest of the year until you go back to the fair trying to make up for your mistakes.

unfortunately this is late since i’ve been busy with apartment searching…
I can link you to what inspired this (x)
…but I don’t know that I can explain WHY I drew this???
so uh i’m just gonna say this is actually not the strangest thing i’ve drawn but it’s probably the most OHNO if you think too hard about Moorard and Jesse Cow. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧