krispie cakes



At 8 p.m. on Tuesday, they existed in a girls-can-do-anything world.

A Rice Krispie cake for the middle school watch party. (Petula Dvorak/The Washington Post)

And why not? They grew up admiring female astronauts, Army Rangers and mothers who do marathons. Their own supermoms are lawyers and executives.

What glass ceiling?

This isn’t the Future Homemakers of America generation. This is Girls Gotta Run, Girls Who Code, Girls Golf.

They raise their hands in class, answer questions, run for student body president.

A woman in the White House? Totes.

“I remember seeing that line of presidents, all those men, when I was little,” said 12-year-old Lauren Dent, who was wearing a Hillary sticker that matches the Rice Krispie H on the dessert table. “It was like a timeline with all their pictures on it, the presidents. And I remember asking my teacher ‘Where are the woman presidents?’ And there weren’t any.”

Read more from our columnist Petula Dvorak – she watched the returns with a group of middle-school girls: They existed in a girls-can-do-anything world. Then Donald Trump won the White House.

Trip 8 | Dec 29th-30th

Hello ^-^

On the 29th, I held a small holiday party for my closest friends. About 15 people attended and it was really, really nice to see everyone together. My nursing friends and my old high school friends, plus some of my LDR blogger friends all together in one room having drinks and a good time was my definition of perfect. 

I made vegan snacks, such as rice krispies (with vegan marshmallows), cake balls and a smaller cake for my friend Logan’s birthday. My other friends brought loads of chips, chocolate and fruit for the party as well. 

Ger and I had to wrap my mother’s 10,000 dollar table in 2 layers of plastic table cover… and even had to sellotape it to the bottom to make sure it wouldn’t budge. She was VERY clear that she would kill the both of us if a drop of booze landed on the expensive wood. Hahaha ^-^;;;;;;; 

Everyone came at about 8:30-9pm and the last to go left at about 3am. We played cards against humanity (of course) and my friend Philip stole the entire game. He got really lucky with his card choices. We also played a game called Would You Rather (board game edition) and it was…. alright? I wouldn’t bring it out again unless it was the ONLY option. 

Ger didn’t play and just spectated, but the two turns that he helped me out I won both time. Just as a reference for how stupidly good he is at Cards Against Humanity. He always wins. I guess that means he’s funny but don’t tell him I said that.

At some point during the night, our remote for our DVD went missing. I’m writing this on January 1st and IT IS STILL MISSING. We looked under couches, behind furniture, in drawers… I messaged my friends… it’s just vanished. What the heck?

On the 30th, we ventured out and went bowling & watched a movie. ^-^ I actually vlogged this day in a choppy manner, so I’ll upload that this week at some point along with our VERY short NYE vlog. 

We are both terrible bowlers. Hardly hitting 70 points per game kind of terrible. 

Later we wanted to go watch Doctor Strange, but we finished out last game too late so instead we thought we’d watch the Assassin’s Creed movie since we both played the games… but alas the earliest showing was 11:45 so we said stuff that and ended up watching Passengers. 

This movie actually exceeded my expectations. Minus a few obvious plot holes (faulty science, getting TOO lucky, etc), the movie was really good. It was full of suspense and I just generally am a sucker for sci-fi movies. Ger, too. 

I also HAVE to mention how Gerald cleaned most of the house after the party like the amazing boyfriend he is. I was distracted watching some nutrition video and in the 20 minutes I sat there he managed to get rid of all the garbage from the party and straighten the place up. I didn’t ask him to or anything. I couldn’t thank him enough afterwards. My job will be to mop the floors. ><

Anyways I’ll leave it at that ^-^ I hope you all had a wonderful December ! <3