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Krisoo and kaisoo stan here~~ Oh god. It's really nice to see anyone that love krisoo too. I always love them from mama era. They seem like have a 'this' connection between them. Ksoo really cute when he is around him. And kaisoo. They are my otp now. But, unlike krisoo, i feel like ksoo is more mature, let nini depend on him and nini is so cute around him.

Oh yey! Happy you both stan kaisoo and krisoo :) and I agree with you anon! To me Soo viewed Krisss as someone he could learn from, and since he was 3 years older I think he really admired him which I think is cute. 

Soo always takes care of Nini, whether that’s helping him with his clothes, or help him get by with his recent injury. Even when Nini struggles with his speech or ment you can often see Soo at sidelines giving a helping hand, by both his presence or sometimes even with some words here and there. He always shows a concern and wants Nini to feel well~ 

(gifs are mine)

examples of Soo helping Nini with his speech. You can also see that Nini especially turns towards him when he struggles. 

look at him being helpful… T___T this is why I love kaisoo. 


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