anonymous asked:

are you going to be drawing anything for krism and minx's engagement?

I’ve been considering this, Anon.

I should, but my motivation for this shut down then starts up again so many times that it became super annoying and I left it.

Don’t give me wrong, I love Minx and Krism and I am so happy for them! :’D

Maybe I’ll draw ‘em.

I dunno, really.

We’ll see.


After I finish my KrisMinx comic, I’m drawin’ something for Fizzle and Lunast. It’s due time, anyway. Only problem that haunts me is that I want this picture to look GOOD. Like so good that Vincent Van Gogh would give it a Stamp of Approval. So, with that in mind, I have to think long and hard for this. In case you haven’t noticed, I ship Fizzlenast hard that’s what she said. So, yeah. Wish me luck.