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We got Chapter 21 done!!! It was quite fun to write it! :D


Rated: Teen and Up

Ships: Septiplier and minor Pewdieken, MarMar, Krisminx

Just another Septiplier Space AU that nobody asked for.

“Mark, this is serious.” Tom said as serious as he could.
“I know, I know! But think with me…” Mark got up and showed the book to his brother and to the doctor. He pointed at the figure in the page. “Look, pale white skin, white hair, even the clothes!”
“You mean he is an alien?” The doctor looked back and forth between the well detailed paintings to the young man lying in the bed.
“More than that…” For some reason Mark couldn’t erase the goofy smile from his face. “He is a Star Person!”
It was just a normal night, with a beautiful meteor rain to watch.
What Mark wasn’t really expecting was for one of these meteors to crash down on his family’s backyard, bringing with it a man from another planet!
And, yeah, he wasn’t actually expecting to go into such a crazy Space Adventure with that man either… But since it happened…!



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anonymous asked:

are you going to be drawing anything for krism and minx's engagement?

I’ve been considering this, Anon.

I should, but my motivation for this shut down then starts up again so many times that it became super annoying and I left it.

Don’t give me wrong, I love Minx and Krism and I am so happy for them! :’D

Maybe I’ll draw ‘em.

I dunno, really.

We’ll see.


After I finish my KrisMinx comic, I’m drawin’ something for Fizzle and Lunast. It’s due time, anyway. Only problem that haunts me is that I want this picture to look GOOD. Like so good that Vincent Van Gogh would give it a Stamp of Approval. So, with that in mind, I have to think long and hard for this. In case you haven’t noticed, I ship Fizzlenast hard that’s what she said. So, yeah. Wish me luck.