krism art

So I was making this thing for Krism’s birthday in August….& it’s supposed to say “Krism Pro” on the banner, but I couldn’t find a proper font, nor could properly digitally draw the font on there myself….so it’s blank…..for now?

Basically I’ve worked on this on & off the past 2 months. I hope you guys (& ofcourse Krism!) like it!~^^

-I used one of Krisms drawings to reference the color scheme-

**Please do not remove the SOURCE or TEXT, pls….I put them there for a reason…**

if i get 420 followers on my main blog haha 100 followers on this blog i gotta give you guys something to show how much i’m really thankful for you all following me!

Plus that Krinx Speedpaint! Oh man, 1500+ hits?? THAT’S CRAZY. I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE ARE 1500 PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN ME DRAW?? OR WATCHED THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN??? I’m so shocked and happy!

Everyone in the comments were really nice and supportive about this! I have to say this made my week and I have to thank Krism for showing it to everyone! ;O;