OTP Challange: #29 Doing something sweet

(Found the challenge online and started this a LONG time ago. Finished it for Mandy’s Birthday. I hope you enjoy.)

Kristin shivered as another cold breeze blew through the set. Filming season 6 in Bozeman Montana for a couple of days had been hell. Coming back from Africa, she was not used to this weather. Standing out in the small field they had to film in the snow, Kristin wore nothing but her skimpy little Pam dress and a pair of pumps that were really uncomfortable. Her arms wrapped around her middle trying to keep all the heat in she could.
This wouldn’t have been so painful if the new actor could remember his lines. She loved everyone on set and was always happy to work but today was not a good day.
“If you keep frowning like that you are going to get wrinkles.”
Kristin smiled turning to her left to see Alex, snatching the tea that was clearly meant for her from his hands. Kristin sipped it and was instantly in a better mood. Sure she was still cold and tired, but she had tea and tea was good. Alex walked behind Kristin rubbing her bare shoulders trying to warm them up. “Why aren’t you dressed more? It’s at least -15 with the wind chill.” Alex’s hot breath tickled her neck.

That seemed to be the only good thing about Pam’s crazy outfits, the fact that her shoes made her almost as tall as the Swede. It made scenes much easier on her neck, “I can’t wear a hat; it took them 45 minutes to get my hair right and I don’t have the suit case with the winter jackets, so I’m stuck with nothing.” Kristin replied through her chattering while teeth sipping her warm tea.
There was a split in their conversation as Kristin watched the director talk to Anna about where she would be moving in the scene. A zipping noise made her turn swiftly to face Alex having not realized he hadn’t moved since the end of their small talk. Alex wrapped his warm jacket around her shoulders then removed the empty cup from her hands placing it in between his front teeth to free his hands. Kristin protested as he forced her arms through the sleeves, zipping the jacket up all the way to her chin. “What about you?? Alex I can’t take your jacket. Take it back.” Kristin protested throwing her sleeve covered hands in the air. Alex just chuckled taking the empty tea cup from his mouth and throwing it in a trashcan nearby. Kristin proceeded to unzip the jacket to give it back as he smiled at her failed attempt to free her slender arms from the long sleeves.
As the zipper undid he swiftly slipped his arms under her own and nestled his face into the crook of her neck. “This way we are both warm and my jacket doesn’t get stretched.” Alex breathed. Kristin warmed right up to him without even thinking, taking in all his body heat trying to get warm. “Why are you so warm?” Kristin said into his collar bone losing what fight she had left in her. “It’s a guy thing.” he replied closing his eyes breathing in her scent. She laughed lightly shifting into his chest tightening her hold around him.

Anna walked up to her husband, grabbing his glove covered hand and turning towards what he seemed so interested in. “Aren’t they sweet?” Anna said clutching Stephen’s hand tighter. “Stephen smiled kissing her rosy cheek lightly as if to agree.
“Are they always like that?”Asked their newest cast member motioning over his shoulder towards the blonds standing together. “You have no idea.” The couple replied together as the director called it night saying they would continue tomorrow.

Wouldn’t it be great that the reason Alex isn’t coming to comic con is because him and Kristin were setting up a youtube channel and made their own comic con where they asked each other questions and giggled and cuddled, and then they make an online show called Paric and life would be okay because we could tune in live every Sunday and there’d be Eric and Pam dancing in Fangtasia and throwing toilet paper at each other. 

Guys please the Krislex stahp it!

Don’t want to fall out with anyone over this and I admit Kristin and Alex, at first I shipped it. 

But then I met Abri and he is such a gentlemen and you can tell he adores his wife.

I feel bad for Abri, like what if he comes on tumblr and looks in the Kristin Bauer tag :(

He is such a nice guy I can’t even. He was so polite and took the time to talk to me and my friends twice, and yeah sorry guys I’m on team Abri.

Like I said I don’t want to fall out over this but please the Krislex…

I love your enthusiasm guys and I’ll be team Paric 4lyfe! 

But the wikipedia stuff was a little bit too much xox