30 Day Letter Challenge

day 1. A letter to an inanimate object you hate.
day 2. A letter to a dinosaur.
day 3. A letter to a movie character
day 4. A letter to someone you want to kick in the face expressing why you want to kick them in the face
day 5. A letter to a celebrity you want to kick in the face
day 6. A HEARTFELT letter to some food
day 7. A letter to a historical event
day 8. A letter to a giant space robot
day 9. A letter to the coolest person you’ve never met
day 10. A letter to an alien race.
day 11. A letter to your last bowel movement
day 12. A letter to a mythological creature
day 13. A letter to a word you don’t like
day 14. A letter to a word you love
day 15. A letter to your crotch.
day 16. A letter to your bed
day 17. A letter to a video game character
day 18. A letter to a website that ruined your life
day 19. A letter to an animal you like
day 20. A letter to an animal you think is fucking stupid
day 21. A letter to something you’ve owned for 5 years+
day 22. A letter to something you want to fuck
day 23. A letter to the drug of your choice.
day 24. A letter to one of your bodyparts
day 25. A letter to Gary Busey
day 26. A letter to the future cyborg version of you
day 27. A letter to band that really needs to break up
day 28. A letter to a movie you hate
day 29. A letter to a letter you’ve written
day 30. A letter to a bowl of fruit

Nobody Ever Really Dies...

So I’m watching this London Live thing on Palladia & N.E.R.D. is performing and being interviewed. This takes me back to the N.E.R.D. concert I went to a year ago. That was by far the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to. & it was free!!! Any who Pharrell is so damn cheeky. Like if I could marry anyone in this world I’d choose between Pharrell, Bruno Mars, & Dudley. 

Gosh darn I fucking LOVE Pharrell. He’s so damn talented and never ages. The chick interviewing them is one lucky lady. I would not have been able to keep my composure. I’d be all over him so quick.