“I mean, I’m always for women and film in general. I’m interested to see them. I think I just wanted to be a part of the group that was making this happen. I think it’s a good thing to do and I’m kind of just excited to see what people produce” (about the series of Twilight shorts directed by aspiring female filmmakers).

“Everyone’s like, ‘You’re back to doing indies.’ I tried to do an indie between every Twilight movie. I still do this,” she says. “Plus, Twilight initially was a funky indie teen flick. There was something about it that I thought was really special and great. I’m not trying to make people think I’m serious or anything. The roles for women in Hollywood — they’re very categorically narrow. When a good script sticks out as being unique, I jump on it.”


New “Clouds of Sils Maria” On-set interview (x)

“Valentine is Maria Enders’ personnal assistant. The type of girl that I have definitely seen on many sets and in many environments. Sort of… Not the average assistant, but someone who is probably going somewhere, definitely has ambition and interest.She really, really admire Maria Enders, who is Juliette’s character. She would probably not work for another actress.She could assist a producer or work behind the scenes. In Maria she found someone who’s worth sucking a bit of life out of her.And I’ve seen that kind of relationship a couple times. And here it’s so perfectly put together. They’re having dynamics that I’ve definitely seen before.” (thanks to @somelostbliss for the translation)